Easy Tiramisu Recipe

By Experience Sardinia.Com

Author Susanna Lobina


Method : For the Mascarpone Cream

1. Separate the 6 eggs

2. Place the 6 egg yolks in a bowl with 6 tbsp of granulated sugar

3. Whisk until light and fluffy

4. Scrap down the sides of the bowl a couple of times

5. Add about a tbsp or two of egg white, to help the sugar melt quicker

6. Add mascarpone cheese and mix gently until the mixture is smooth

7. Place this mixture into a large bowl and set aside

8. Place the remaining egg whites in a clean and dry bowl and using a clean whisk, whisk up until white and stiff.

9. Once the egg whites are read,  add to the bowl you set aside and gently fold in the egg whites.

Assemble - Tiramisu

1.  Dunk the Pavesini biscuit into the coffee and liqueur, just a quick dunk no need to leave them soaking or wise they will be too soggy.

2.  Arrange the biscuits in the bottom of your chosen dish

3. Cover the biscuits with a nice thick layer of the mascarpone cream.

4. Repeat the number one passage arranging the soaked Pavesini biscuits

5. Another thick layer of mascarpone cream.

6. Finish off by dusting with cocoa powder.