Experience A Genuine
Taste Of Sardinia Italy

Come to my table and savor an experience of Sardinia, a menu designed to stimulate your palate and arouse your appetite for all the things that make this Island Unique.

A Couple of Starters to Nibble on...

Meeting the Locals

the windy roads that lead to monti ferru in sardinia italy Why I believe you will love these accommodations...
Traditional Baking

a traditional sardinia wedding cake made out of biscuit
A collection of cookie treats to Look out For and taste...
An Islanders Passion for wine never Dies!
ma da tasting the best sardinia wine
Cannonau di Sardegna A fine wine
not to be missed !

Am I trying to fatten you up? Not Quite...

But…  reveal how you too can relish the true essence of our Island!

By letting you in on my experiences of family life here. It starts with the warm hospitality of its people, from my craze for baking traditional cookies, the Islander’s passion for their wine, the beautiful landscapes where I chose to live and places I love to escape to…

All wrapped up in the alluring sensuality of our spectacular beaches - the highlight of our Summer’s!

The Beautiful Coast!

the beach of cala goloritzè baunei
By emmequadro61
Best Dessert
a geniune italian dessert recipe tiramisu
Treat Yourself to a
Genuine Taste of Italy
A Very Particular Italian Cheese
sardinian maggot cheese casu marzu
To try ? or Not to try ?
That is the question!
Myths about travel to
this Island
billboard poster outside a hotel in the costa smeralda in sardinia italy
A few
misconcepts clarified

Stimulating your palate with our authentic specialties is our way of sharing with you our traditions and culture.

Learn about the wonderful hidden qualities of our unique cuisine, traditional cookies and of course our excellent Vino.

Beaches !
cala goloritze beach in ogliastra baunei
This has to be the most beautiful coastline on the Island
Ogliastra to be
the beautiful sunrise in sardinia italy A run down of what holidays in this Province are all about...
grape harvesting in sardinia italy
A typical Sardinian
Get Together


Authentic Essences of the Island for you to experience…

A genuine taste and understanding of what the people of this Island proudly portray is the core that will enrich its enchanting quintessence...

Immersing yourself deep in the countryside supping on the tranquility of its ambiance...  

Exploring its breathtaking coastline, and relishing natures magnificent cornice made up of oases caressed by the crystal clear waters...

Wandering in the profound rolling hillsides engulfing its uncontaminated splendor...

Discovering the majestic limestone mountains and devouring the spectacular views...

Encountering numerous scattered testimonials of the past and immersing yourself in our ancient history...

Participating in the folklore festivals; an enticement to indulging our traditions and culture...

Once discovered..  never forgotten!

What would like to know about Sardinia

infographic with question about sardinia

Can't Find Answers...
Then Share your Questions!

While I will be sharing all that I believe...

you could be or maybe interested in...

you may just have a question that I could help with…

Share your questions and I will publish them along with my answers to help you and others, that may have similar queries.

Got interesting Stories to share about Sardinia...

infographic about charing sardinia travel stories

Let us in on your appetizing travel stories around the Island...

An appealing locality you found...

An alluring beach setting...

Charming hosts to recommend....

Best spots for enchanting sights....

Basically everything you found captivating about the Island!

Here's to you... Savoring Sardinia !

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