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Italian cookies are my favorite subject and if you adore baking I have lots of treats for you to try in the good old fashioned Italian way including specialties from Sardinia.

Hope you enjoy baking my collection of Italian recipes and filling your home with the authentic perfumes of traditional Sardinian delicacies.

I have divided all the cookie pages in to categories, and by clicking on the icons below you and can jump straight to the part of the page your interested in most.

From here on it's

Put your aprons...

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Enjoy the baking ....

But most of all.... Enjoy savoring the authentic Italian treats you will be creating!

I have divided up all the cookies and recipes in into ten sub categories, if you know what you are looking use the links above the thumbnail images for quick access to each section.

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Traditional Italian Cookies

Each area of Sardinia has its own traditions and cultures when it comes to baking.

You will find variations of names and slight variations with ingredients even between towns that are only a few kilometers away from each other.

One thing remains where ever you go, Sardinian's are proud of their traditional cookies and if they are given a chance you will certainly be offered a taste.

Here I will be sharing many of our authentic Italian cookies for you to try the genuine flavors of the Sardinia's past.

traditional italian christmas cookies
orange peel and almond cookie
Image courtesy of Francesco
a sardinian speciality pane conciu
Pane Conciù
an italian easter cookie pardule

Italian Cookie Recipes

Italians and Sardinian's certainly have quite a sweet tooth and even the simplest of Italian cookie recipes are always spruced up with natural aroma's that give simple cookies a unique flavor, after all if they're going to eat something it might be simple but it does have to be tasty.

Simple italian biscuits recipes
 italian peach coookies
Italian wine cookies papassinos
traditional italian wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Francesco

Almond Cookie Recipes

Sardinia is renowned for its almond cookie recipes with a huge variety that covers of the whole of this Mediterranean Island.  

There are of course exceptions in areas of Sardinia where may be hazelnuts and walnuts are used instead, main reason probably because they are more in abundance in those areas.

Oranges and lemons are also used commonly to flavor cookies and in some cases they are the main ingredient.

Italian amaretti cookies recipes
Amaretti Cookies
italian almond brittle
Coffee Flavored almond paste
Almond Hearts
italian almond wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Cristiano

  • Amaretti Cookies  - One of the most famous almond Italian cookies in Sardinia, the use of bitter almonds it was gives them their unique flavor. You'll find that most Pasticceria's or cakes shops in Sardinia make them as they are very popular traditional cookie.
  • Amaretti Cookie Recipe - Here the recipe goes into more depth for great results.  It also shows you how to blanch almonds so that even you can't come here to enjoy the authentic taste of these cookies, you could always give it a go at making them yourself.
  • Almond Brittle Recipe - Slivered toasted almonds coated in caramelized sugar and Sardinia's have a unique way of serving them that makes them even more tastier. 
  • Nut Brittle Recipe - Just needs a little getting to use to make, different types of nuts need different amounts of sugar and I can help you here.

Almond Paste Recipes

Almond paste recipes in Sardinia have many different names, shapes and flavors. One of the most of the most famous are I Sospiri Di Ozieri.

italian almond paste cookies for christmas
Almond Shapes
Italian almond paste  recipes
italian almond ball cookies
Almond Balls
biscuit and almond paste cookie
Almond Surprises

  • Almond Balls - Simple almond paste balls with a variety of flavors from coffee to strawberry and many more
  • Almond Paste - A Sardinia recipe for almond paste using a sugar syrup
  • Almond Cookies - Almond paste and chocolate together with these Caeffus cookies.

Italian Cake Recipes

A collection of Italian cake recipes , pastries and cream fillings.

italian pastry with sponge and cream
Italian Pastry
italian puff pastries with cream
Puff Pastry Layers
italian almond cake recipe
Almond Cake

  • Italian Pastries – Puff pastry, sponge, liqueur and an easy Italian pastry cream recipe, including a gluten free recipe.
  • A basic Italian pastry cream recipe, including chocolate cream, chantilly cream recipe and a gluten free pastry cream with almond praline

Meringue Recipes

Learn about different types of Meringue Cookie Recipes each one with its own unique method.

red meringue cookies
Red Meringues
bianchini sardinia meringue cookies
meringue sleigh cookie
Meringue Sleigh
meringue snowmen  cookiesMeringue Snowman

Easy Cookie Recipes

I don' think there could be anything nicer than filling your home with the fragrance of homemade cookies.

A selection of easy cookie recipes from the simple ingredients, method and serving. My kind of cookies, nothing fancy but "O" so scrumptious!

easy cookie recipe
Simple Cookies
simple italian biscuits
Christmas Cookies
italian easy biscuit recipe
Jam Biscuits
cut cookies for christmas
Cut Out Cookies

  • Simple Cookies - Traditional Sardinian recipe made up by hand using lard.

Italian Biscotti Recipes

Many people interpret Italian biscotti recipes as those types of biscuits that are baked twice, just like these Anise biscotti cookies, which are a dry cookie perfect for dipping in wine.

Having said that the classic Sardinia Biscotti is a soft sponge finger also known as Coffee biscuits as Sardinian love to dunk them in their espresso coffee.

Here is a collection of all types of biscotti, biscuits and cookies all Italian naturally!

simple cookie recipe from Oliena sardinia
Iced Biscotti
italian anise biscotti cookies
Anise Cookies
Italian biscotti cookie  recipes
italian walnut cookies
Walnut Cookies

  • Anise cookies are a classic Italian biscotti flavoured with aniseed

Italian Christmas Cookies

Cookies and Christmas well...  just go hand in hand!

A jolly time of the year where creating your own Christmas cookie decorations is as much fun as making the cookies themselves.

Italian Christmas cookies as a rule are quite simple.

But I just can't help it, when it comes to Christmas I just have to jazz these authentic Italian cookies up for the festa!!

christmas cookie squares coated in chocolate
Cookie Squares
italian christmas plate cookies
Cut Out Cookies
Italian almond cookies  recipes
Almond Surprise
italian fun christmas cookies Fun Cookies

Italian Dessert Recipes

best tiramisu recipe
zuppa inglese recipe
Zuppa Inglese
pastry cream tart with strawberries
Image courtesy of fugzu
panna cotta with fruits of the forest Panna Cotta
Image courtesy of kimberlykv

Cookie Dough Recipes

A selection of my favorite cookie dough recipes. Each one with the possibility of creating many more than just one type of cookie.

Some of course are ideal for certain types of cookies or tarts other's are as you will find out.

italian almond paste cookies for christmas
Almond Shapes
Italian almond paste  cookie goeffus
italian almond ball cookies
Almond Balls
italian almond ball cookies
Almond Surprises

Traditional Sardinia Cookies

Pistoccus de Crobi

italian cookies

Italian Cookies

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