Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters

Christmas tree cookie cutters, in lots of different variations and sizes for you to choose from.

Which are the best tree cutters depends on a few things.

3D Cookie Set on Amazon

The type of cookie dough  you are using.

If the cookie dough is soft, then you can get away with using a plastic cookie cutter.

Some cookie dough's do tend to be a bit harder and here a sturdier metal cutter would be a better choice.

Whether you will be using them often or not…

If I know that  I will not be using a cutter shape often then I will go for a cheaper version.

How many cookies I will be making…

If you are looking to buy a cutter to make 30 – 40 or very few cookies , I simply go for the cheapest going.

On the other hand if I know that I will be needing to cut out many cookies, then a comfort grip cutter is a better solution,  

3D Tree cookie cutters.

I only got this cutter about a week ago and couldn't wait to try it.

Use it with a gingerbread dough and they came out perfect.

They haven't been constructed yet but Christmas is getting close and as soon as I do I will share what I managed to create with these tree cookie cutters.

Update :

I finally managed to get round and posting the photograph of the Christmas tree Gingerbread I made Last year.

My Own Creation

A 3D Christmas Tree made out of Gingerbread

Just a few words about the cookie cutters:

They are made out of plastic and while the smaller cutters were easy enough to cut out and place on the baking tray.

The larger ones were a little more tricky as it was quite easy to distort the shape of the Christmas tree while transferring it from the working surface to the baking tray as the dough I was using was quite soft.

The way I got round this was by rolling the dough out on a piece of grease proof paper and then cutting out the shape.  

I then simply transferred the cookie to the baking tray with the paper still underneath it and left it like so to bake.

One more thing about the cookie cutter set, I didn't read the box correctly so on my first attempt I cut out only one cookie of each shape.

The result was awful, so remember you will need two cookies of each size to make a lovely tall Christmas tree.

Two of Each Cookie Size for a 3D Christmas Tree

Gingerbread cokkies to make a 3d Christmas tree
3 Piece Christmas Tree
Cookie Cutters Amazon

I love using these cookie tree cutter set, when I need to make a lovely tray with an assortment of tree cookies.

Using the different shaped trees make the cookie plate come to life and with all the fun edible decorations certainly makes them more eye catching too!

These cutters are quite comfortable to use useless you have may be more than a hundred to cut out all at once, that's when you start to feel the dents in your fingers and thumb.

Being metal they are sturdy and will last long, mine haven't rusted up yet but then again I am always careful when I was them, to place them in a hot oven to dry out properly before putting them away. 

If you in the mood for creating lots of tree cookies this set of three cookie cutters is ideal.

A nice medium size 3.2 x 2.8 x 1 inches, for individual treats.

Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter Amazon

Comfort grip cookie cutters are just marvelous great and I times I wished I had a few more because I do a lot of cookie cutting.

The  few I do have,  I bought years ago and every Christmas they come of the box just like they are new.

They are also perfect for kids. 

The 4 and 5 inches tree cookies are great size for using as edible ornaments to place on your Christmas tree.

5 Inches - Amazon

4 Inches Amazon

3 Inches Amazon
3 Inches Amazon

There are even extra large Christmas tree cookie cutters, just remember to use the greasepaper trick it does make life easier.

7.5 Inches Amazon

My Own Creation

A gingerbread christmas tree

Using these size cutters just gives you lots of space to have fun and stick on lots of goodies.

Here are a few more tree cookie cutters for you to browse through.

Happy Holiday Baking !!

3D Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters Amazon

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutters Set Amazon

Here are a couple pages that may interest you and help you get the most of baking with your new cookie cutters.

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