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Experience Sardinia.com started out as a hobby website. Through the passion of a place where I choose to live my life.

Many of the pages and reviews that I have wrote about in this website were written way before I was ever contacted by any companies or services requesting to sponsor the website.  And in any case, whether the reviews are written before or after they are independent of any kind of sponsorship.

I write about the Sardinia things that I have experienced and love and in the cases where I haven’t been there!  seen it! done it! I certainly don’t hide the fact.

Sponsorship is a way to increase exposure and obtain more visibility as my visitors explore my website and is done in many different ways ( A valuable opportunity as Experience Sardinia is continuously growing and being recognized as a quality informative site for Sardinia tourists)

Hope you enjoy Experience Sardinia.Com,  supporting my sponsors is an added gratification for the labor of love than has gone into publishing this website and you will be glad to have done so!

If you sell goods or services to tourists in Sardinia and if you would like to know more about "Sardinia advertising" by sponsoring Experience Sardinia.Com please click here...

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