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Self-Catering Apartments in Countryside Sardinia Residence

Home Away Vacation Rental in True Sardinia Style with Authentic Sardinian Hosts

Villa Melissa Ideal Sardinia Residence Holiday Accommodation For:

  • A home away from home experience with an authentic touch and feel of how the locals live.
  • Privacy and freedom of doing what you like when you like
  • Ample space for enjoying the liberty of eating out in the open
  • Reassurance of ease of watching over your children
  • Flexibility and comforts of home luxuries while being on holiday
  • Making the most of the staying healthy, keeping boredom at bay, the children entertained, socialising and even topping up the tan with the private pool and tennis court
  • Perfect for relaxation and tranquillity and recharging your batteries
  • Exploring and relishing the nearby stunning beaches, peaceful countryside and stillness of the mountains
  • Experience the warmth and generosity of genuine Sardinian hosts

Take the Tour

Villa Melissa - You couldn't wish for a more beautiful Sardinia holiday accommodation than these small apartments set in a attractive countryside ambiance in the heart of the Province ofIf these are your idea of a perfect holiday accommodation then share your vote!!!! Ogliastra, for warm authentic feel of this Island..

Sardinia Holiday Accommodation
Home Away Vacation Rental Cardedu Ogliastra

view of villa melissa from the swimming pool

I can still remember when the foundations of this splendid Sardinia villa where first laid.

I could see back then that this Sardinia holiday accommodation rental was destined to be a perfect setting for a home away vacation rental and over the years it has surpassed those visions blooming into a vibrant oasis.

Residence Sardinia Holiday Rental Grounds
the oval garden in the grounds of the residence

Where is Sardinia Residence Accommodation?

The residence resides in the countryside of Cardedu Ogliastra on the east coast of Sardinia. Flights to Sardinia will help you decide the best route for you.

Meet The Residence Owner
Anna Paola - To The Right

Although this Sardinia vacation residence is off a secondary road, the whole area is beautifully encircled with flowering trees that ensures total privacy for your Sardinia vacation.

If the sea and sand is what attracts you to Sardinia, some of the most spectacular Sardinia beaches are the added luxury you get all within 5 minutes of Villa Melissa.

I went along to visit Anna Paola  on the day she was preparing for the arrival of her guests and she gave me a grand tour of her villa.

The only way I could tell you about the welcoming hospitality was to see it for myself, so I had a real good nose round leaving nothing out.

Entering The Sardinia Holiday Accommodation Rental...

The large decorative iron gates supported by tall columns raised with Sardinian granite make the grand entrance to an ornate driveway that leads to the shaded parking area.

Entrance To Sardinia Holiday Accommodation Residence
the entrance to the residence

As soon as you enter the glimpse of the splendid ambiance is fairytale like, you know what I mean... the type of perfect picturesque settings only seen in books.

the pathway leading the to the residence

In fact Villa Melissa Residence... does live up to those visions!

Home Away Vacation
Sardinia Residence

footpaths in stone leading to the apartments

Touring the Sardinia Residence Accommodations

Residence Melissa has been excellently architectured that at a first glance it's hard to distinguish that in reality there are four private home away vacation rental villas in one. There are two east facing apartments and two west facing.

villa number one at the residence
villa number two at the residence
villa number three at the residence
villa number four at the residense

Walking up the stoned path way towards the private apartment you can see that nothing has been placed just by chance but has been selected with care and immaculately looked after.

The owner actually showed me round all of the apartments, but the one she was preparing was the east facing one, that has an awesome view from the master bedroom.  I actually took this photo, I know I'm light years away from being David Bailey... but I love this one!

View From The Master Bedroom

vire of the gounds and swimming pool from the master bedroom at the sardinia villa

The large veranda that runs along the whole length of the apartment leads to the actual entrance of the holiday accommodations was already prepared with chairs and a table dressed with fresh flowers and a bowl of sweets.

pathway leading to the  villa apartment

The residence apartments are made up of 70 sm2. The first thing that I noticed was the table laid with a large bowl of fresh fruits; some of which had been picked from her own garden, not the banana's though! There was another bowl laden with fresh bread cheese and salame.

 the dining are in the villa apartment

The living area is a open plan design; comfy divan sofa (also sleeps two) for a relaxing nap after the hard work of relaxing in the sun,

the living are in the sardinia villa

with a TV just in case you get withdrawal symptoms, which I doubt very much. Oh and by the way if internet access is required it is available on request with a minimum extra.

bottle of wine and glasses on a tray

The small kitchen area has a small separating wall. And low and behold what did I see, a tray with two fluted glasses and a bottle of my dad's favorite Cannonau di Sardegna wine...

For that alone my dad would give this Sardinia residence the thumbs up!

The kitchen is set up with the all the necessities fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee maker and a cooking stove.

I had a peep inside the fridge...  an array of drinks were already cooling off!

If that wasn't enough, Anna Paola was preparing a tray on the working top with all sorts of goodies including amaretti cookies, let's put it like this she had thought of everything.

The night area is made up of a master bedroom. As you can see it is delightfully furnished with a touch of Sardinia.

the master bedroom in the sardinia residence

The other bedroom hosts two single beds and if a cot is required it can be arranged. With the divan bed the apartments sleeps upto six people.

bedroom with two single besd in the villa apartment

There is of course a bathroom complete with shower, wash basin, toilet and bidet.

the bathroom in the villa residence
the furnishings in the single bedroom at the villa

Sardinia Residence Grounds

stone table and seating in the grounds at the villa

Each residence apartment has its own front garden, where you have to cut the grass before leaving ...just kidding!

Where you'll find shaded table and seats constructed in stone and granite that blend in perfect harmony of the whole setting.

The mini Sardinia villa utility room comes in real convenient; 2 wash basins, washing machine, iron and board and also a dryer.

the utility room at the villa residence
hand wash basins at the villa
washing machine and dryer  at the villa residence

The centerpiece outdoors is the swimming pool, I could certainly see myself on a lilo lapping up the sun and cooling off at the same time....what do you say?

Swimming Pool At The
Rental Accommodation Residence

the swimming pool at the villa residence

Around the pool there are plenty of deckchairs and umbrellas in case the sun gets a bit too much.

view of the swimming pool at the villa

The outdoor shower is really handy after a swim in the pool and especially if you've been to the beach and come back with sand stuck to your feet.

outdoor showers
stone steps

The gardens are so attractive and thoughtfully arranged; from the odd natural stone placed here and there,

front view of the apartment

to the arch ways and verandas blooming with flamboyant flowers,

the gardens at the villa
ornaments in the villa gardens

from the arranged ornamental vases to the windy steps that take you in all directions, 

stone pathways at the villa
garden surrounding the swimming pool at the villa

although I've got to say trying to keep grass looking so green is not easy in Sardinia.

The next place is every Sardinian's pride and joy;  and that is the barbeque area...

Covered BBQ Area At The
Vacation Accommodation Residence

view of the covered barbeque

and what a barbeque!

inside the covered barbeque area

Anna Paola usually organizes a traditional Sardinian spuntino. Put the word spuntino in to Google translator and you'll get snack... but I can assure you,  that it is not a snack what
is laid out!

Childrens Play Ground At The Holiday Residencechildrens play ground at the residence

Childred absolutely love this place as they have all the freedom of roaming and playing in the grounds (great place for hide and seek!) and they get a whole play ground to themselves.

Which reminds me... if your feeling engergetic, there are mountains bikes available. Also, if you're feeling even more energetic and your biceps need sorting out there is a bench press!

bikes at the villa

Any one for tennis?.. Yes there is a tennis court, just in case you feel like sweating out a few sets!

Keeping Fit At The Holiday Residencetennis courts at the sardinia residence

One of the things the struck me about the owner while she was showing me around was;

Not only the pride of her Sardinia Residence that glowed but also her genuine concern that her guest receive a warm welcoming ensuring you a  marvelous experience of a home away vacation rental.

the owner of the sardinia apartment rentals

If you would like to contact Anna Paola about a possible stay in her Sardinia Residence, please use the contact form.

I have a few more photos on an album on Facebook , if you would like to see them (you don't have to be signed in to Facebook to view the album)

Take a tour around more photo's of the
Sardinia residence along with comments...

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