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Attention Owners and Managers of all types of accommodation in Sardinia,

Thousands of potential guests are visiting Experience Sardinia in search of a

  • desirable  location,
  • an idyllic setting
  • warm hospitality.

Is this exactly what you have to offer?

Present the passions of your locality and fulfill their wishes...

Although the Sardinia Accommodation Directory is a new service and your business maybe one of the first to publish their invitation, it is part of a highly targeted niche website, that already has many targeted visitors interested in Sardinia ready to browse through your invitation.

What makes the Sardinia Accommodation Directory Unique and more to the point how will you benefit from it.  

Time To Change...

Other traditional directories are either just a catalog of web-links or a profile page that lists a number of features,  amenities and prices.

This uninviting and uninspiring information  doesn't tell me anything about what makes you and your services so special that is will eager me to get my credit card out and book with you immediately.

Results are your business is just another tiny drop in the immense ocean of the internet.

Stand Out From The Crowd...

Out shine your competitors by transmitting your knowledge,  passion, motivations and pride for the services you offer, even down to the smallest things that you take for granted yet the world doesn't know about.


Enhance the benefits your guests will gain, and deliver even more, so that when they leave they will be falling over themselves to tell everyone about your wonderful  Sardinia accommodation.

A new approach that makes the difference...

Creating yet another uninspiring directory will of course be of no help to you, my Sardinia Accommodation Directory  is an invite to a  whole new way of presenting yourself to prospective guests.

No doubt you'll  agree with me  when I say Sardinia truly has so much to offer tourists; beautiful coasts, splendid secluded beaches, traditions, culture, excellent wines, tasty typical foods, fine traditional cookies, accommodation structures, unspoiled landscapes and of course our forte, your warm welcoming hospitality. These in my opinion are exactly the points we should be proudly boasting!

Transform browsing visitors in to staying guests...

While basic information is of course necessary sharing your knowledge and revealing  personal recommendations about the area of Sardinia you love turns,  just another one in a million cold profile into a warm welcoming invite.

Nobody knows your business and surrounding area  inside out  better than you. You are the best qualified  person  to create a perfect personal invite that will inspire potential visitors into staying guests.

Here is a great example of an accommodation invitation page, Hotel Janas – Tertenia that helps explain why I believe this directory is different and unique.

How Sardinia Accommodation Directory
can help your Invitation page...

It's easy to find.

No doubt you came across this site looking for ways to obtained added exposure for your accommodation business. If you found this Sardinia accommodation directory so will potential tourist looking for an ideal accommodation.

An instant web presence...

If you don't yet have your own website, your personal invite will give you an instant web presence on a highly trafficked, niche website. If you're already online, your listing will act as a billboard directing people to your business.

More chances you have of closing a sale...

What makes the Sardinia Accommodation Directory unique is the volume of quality informative original content. The search  engines are  always looking for fresh new content to recommend to its user's and you can certainly provide exactly what they are looking for,  with an inspiring invite.

Web-pages has a greater chance of being indexed when it contains at least 300 words, which may seem a lot but with all the wonderful things you have to share I am pretty sure you'll surpass that number.

This will make it easier for your business to be found in my directory,  on the entire internet in general and  more importantly the higher your personal invite will rank in the search engines. The higher your invite ranks,  the more your invitation is presented to new visitors,  the more chances you have of closing a sale.

Original Material is what win's...

Assuming you already have your Accommodation Business Profile published in many different directory websites. Copying and pasting what has already been published elsewhere on the internet will be of no benefit to you at all. Original content will make an enormous difference by enhancing what has already been said, giving you the possibility of more exposure.

Ensuring the world knows you exist.

Once your invitation is published on Experience Sardinia, it is also featured on my Sardinia Blog and RSS Feed. This basically speed up the process of informing the search engines that your new invite to your business exists, making it easier for people in search of Sardinia accommodations to find you on our directory.

More confidence for your new visitor...

People are searching the internet for comments from people that have had firsthand experience of your services. Recommendations are  the best publicity for any business and they can be easily collected within your invitation page that allows comments.

The more positive comments future visitors will read about,  will give new visitors and potential customers more confidence in making contact with you and your services. Please note that all comments are moderated and reviewed before publishing.

Constantly reminding the search engines of your invitation page...

After providing a quality service that leaves your guest satisfied, in my opinion the next important step is encouraging your guests to leave positive feedback as you have to gain in more ways than one.

  • Free publicity from positive feedback
  • The opportunity to publicly thank your guests
  • Reassuring new prospective visitors
  • Adding quality content to your invitation page  (which the search engines love)

After every single comment, the search engines are automatically updated letting them know that there is new content on your page. The more comments you have the more  likely you are going to be found by new visitors.

If I may, when a guest does comment on your invitation page do take advantage and comment back, this is all in your interest!!

Greater possibility of being found...

  • Pages structure gives you added possibility of showing up on Google's N° 1 search results
  • The directory will be easily available and positioned in a way to encourage my visitors to take a look
  • Your invite will be placed on relevant pages within the website, giving you added exposure
  • Your invite is added to a Google custom search will helps to get your page indexed faster, giving you added possibilities of being found.

Continuous promotion of your invitation page...

Experience Sarindia.Com is my pride and joy, it is my own personal way of spreading the word about this beautiful Mediterranean Island. Your invitation pages are a part of the special things that this Island has to offer and I assure you that I will do my best to promote your pages in every way possible.

Types of subscriptions fo the Sardinia Accommodation Directory

  • Free -
    Simply submit your invitation page and you will benefit from all that has been mentioned above. But please note that website addresses will not be active.

  • Paid
    A small yearly payment of 50.00 Euro's ensures all the benefits mentioned, plus active links to your website.
  • N. B. In Addition all paid subscribers – will have the chance on a rotary basis to have a photo of their accommodation on the top of the  right hand column of every page on Experience Sardinia that links directly to their Invitation page, for one week.

Please take into consideration...

If you like my website and believe that your visitors will benefit from the information provided, please take in to consideration placing a link from your website to Experience Thank You!!

Please do not hesitate in contacting me with questions, queries or if you have any problems uploading your page. I am here to help you.

If you would like help on ideas on how and what to write about feel free to take a look at the some suggestions I have made. Please note that these are only guidelines and are in no way obligatory.

Start Promoting Your Invitation Page

If you are the owner or manager of an accommodation business in Sardinia submit your invitation page and reveal to the world what makes your accommodations so special to Experience Sardinia.Com...

See who has already joined our
Sardinia Accommodation Directory

Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia Ogliastra Rita and Family  
Bed and Breakfast in Sardinia Ogliastra Loceri. Sardinia holidays in a warm welcoming in family atmosphere in an authentic Sardinia setting.

Sardinia Apartments For Rent By Owner   Not rated yet
Sardinia Rentals apartment to rent in the peaceful countryside near the East coast beaches of Sardinia, Ogliastra.

Hello, allow me to introduce myself,...

Hotel Janas  Not rated yet
A small 10 roomed Hotel in Sardinia Ogliastra Tertenia - Marina di Tertenia. An ideal setting for couples and families with young children.

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