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Marisa's Agriturismo B&B "S'Omu Eccia"
In Ogliastra

What kind of holiday in Sardinia are you looking for? 

You probably already have a great picture of what your future  Sardinia holidays are all about; the sun, the sand,the sea?

Sardinia East Coast Beaches Barisardo
Sardinia East Coast Beaches Barisardo

Of course... what else are holidays all about!

Why not add to the list a relaxing Sardinia accommodation immersed in a beautiful hillside setting overlooking the valley with a morning wake up to the stunning view of the sunrise on the horizon of the east coast beaches of Sardinia in the distance.

View of the Valley From the Agriturisum S'Omueccia
View of the Valley From the Agriturisum S'Omueccia

Are we on the same wave length?

How about adding to all that some tasty authentic Italian cooking to pair with a great homemade wine...Cannonau wine naturally!

Coccoi Prenas
traditional foods coccoi prenas
traditional foods angnolotti curlurgionis
Suckling Pig
roasted suckling pig

Of course... what else are holidays all about!

Is this your idea of a perfect holiday in Sardinia? I see we are on the same wave length!

Let me take you by the hand and show you how your holiday in Sardinia can be turned in to a true experience of Sardinia...

Marisa's Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia (The Old House!)

Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia In Ogliastra
Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia In Ogliastra

Your Sardinia holiday accommodation…why would you want to choose an Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast for your Sardinia accomodation?

Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia
sign post Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia In Ogliastra

Let’s find out first…. exactly what is an agriturismo!

An agriturismo is a holiday in Sardinia experience of the true Sardinian way of life as it use to be for everyone.

It is almost like going back in time...Everything you needed was provided by the land and from the animals kept and if you didn’t have it, it was easy to exchange with neighbouring farms.

I decided to go and visit for myself an agriturismo in my local area to find out why more and more  people are turning to this kind of holiday in Sardinia.

Marisa opened her agriturismo which is called ‘S’Omu eccia’ translated means The Old House in 2008. 

The Old House Near the Agriturismo
the old house in Agriturismo S'Omu Eccia In Ogliastra

The Old House has a history and story all of its own that dates back to the First World War. Basically she opened up her every day farm life for others to experience and enjoy with a great holiday in Sardinia.

As soon as I arrived, nostalgic memories of the days when I came to holiday in Sardinia at my Grandma’s little farm house came flooding back.

Marisa welcomed me into her home, she made me an espresso coffee and then the tour began!

Your Holiday in Sardinia Tour Begins!

First place she took me to see was the vegetable patch. I definitely haven’t got green fingers, but I love to see all the neat little rows of plants.

Tasty Home grown Vegtables
the vegetable garden in the argriturism

Curiosity made me ask exactly what she grew; the list went from potatoes to tomatoes’, peppers aubergines, courgettes… the list goes on! Basically everything that can be transformed with tasty Italian food recipes to offer her guests.

Walking back up to the house I noticed a row of cured ham (prosciutto) hanging in a covered veranda.

Homemade Proscuito
a bunch of prosciutos hanging out to dry

Not only does Marisa grow her own vegetables she also keeps Pigs.

pig in its pen

Okay, I know they may be smelly animals but when you bring up animals and fatten them up with genuine foods, it is amazing how much tastier they are. 

Sorry vegetarians… but I do like my meat and if it is tasty all the better!

Homemade Guanciale
a piece of home made guanciale similar to prosciuto

The pigs are brought up for their fresh meat, also for the preparation of prosciutto, coppe and guanciale which are all cured meats from different parts of the pig.

Guanciale does have quite a bit of fat, but you know what, the fat is tastier than the meat. High cholesterol sufferers… keep away!

Probably the most famous Italian food in Sardinia is ‘Mialetto’ piglet cooked on the spit roast. These too come from her farm. 

It is a true delicacy served either hot or cold on a bed of myrtle sprigs that give the meat the distinct Sardinian flavor. The myrtle is not to eat!

Walking around the farm I met up with Maria’s family; her mum Zia Velia, her sister-in-law Luisa and her brother Umberto. Together they take care of everything on the farm from A to Z.

I couldn’t have picked a better day to come and visit. as they were preparing for guests from Jerzu ( my home village). They were celebrating their daughters First Holy Communion.

Preparation of Potato Bread
To Bake in a Wood Oven
preapring the potatoes for the coccoi prenas

I saw Zia Velia peeling potatoes, being nosey a person, I found out that he was preparing the potatoes to make traditional potato bread and traditional potato cakes own as Coccoi Prenas for her guests. All baked in a wood oven.

Eating freshly baked bread is a treat but when it has come out of a wood oven… it is a luxury! The taste is so mmmmm!!!!!!!!!

an olive tree

Walking around the farm I noticed quite a few olive trees, so it was no surprise to find out that the olive oil offered to their guests and used in all the preparations of their typical Italian foods was of their own production.

You may be thinking why is she fussing over a bit of olive oil? Italians don’t eat to live, but live to eat tasty traditional Italian food and you're not going to get a more genuine tastier olive oil than that of home produced olive oil.

Olives picked by hand, pressed at the local oil presser, with no additives, just pure extra extra virgin olive oil.

My friend who lives in England tried it once on her first visit, now she has the olive oil shipped over. She calls it her green gold!

Cannonau Wine

a terra cotta jug

A Sardinian farm without a vineyard is almost unheard of…

Marisa cultivates the vines not only to serve grapes in her agriturismo when they are in season but also to make homemade wine.

The types of wines produced are a red wine type known as Cannonau di Sardegna, a sweet white wine which is my favorite and also fire water.

Marisa also has a herd of sheep. It is amazing what these timid animals provide. Apart from the fresh mutton and lamb;

Fresh milk

Fresh unsalted cheese that is used to make two scrumptious Italian cookies;

 a tray traditioanl easter cookies pardule

Pardulas (an Italian Easter cookie that is very much sought after especially with pecorino cheese).

Also to make up one of her authentic Italian dessert recipes, Sebadas an Italian fried pastry served hot with dripping honey (by the way the honey is also rigorously Sardinian, from a neighbouring farm).

Cheese to salt for maturing.

homemade gnocchi

She uses the pecorino cheese for all her Italian pasta dishes like Gnocchi di Patate and not only!

Sardinia potato cakes known as Coccoi Prenas and what many call the Sardinian pizza Coccoi de Tamata both of which are typical Italian foods.

Casu Agedu ...which is a cross between fresh cheese and a yoghurt

Fresh ricotta cheese

homemade ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese is made by reboiling the whey. Boiling the whey causes the ricotta to form lumps in the whey.

It is then drained off and pressed into sieves to form the wheel.

In fact the word Ricotta actually means 'recooked'

An Italian food recipe known as Corda.

corda a sardinian specialilty with goats instestines
Sheeps Intestine

Don’t turn your nose up when I tell you what it husband right slaps his chops when this is served!

The intestine of the sheep wrapped around a spear usually about 5-6 cm thick cooked on the spit roast.

Sheeps Tripe

Lambs hooves cooked in a  casserole

Goats Stomach known as Calgiù.

Goats Stomach Drying Out
agriturismo italy

As the goats only drink milk before they are butchered, When they are butchered, their stomachs are left out to dry.

Basically the milk turns into a cream cheese that is quite strong.

Now this may not sound appealing, but I for one absolutely adore it. As my Grandma always use to say 'it helps digestion'. I'm not quite sure this is true... or whether it was a good excuse to keep on eating after a filling meal! Find out more about this cheese here.

marisa preparing the grilled aubergines

All that talking of food made my stomach rumble, so it was a good job that the next place to visit was the kitchens.

In the kitchen Marisa was preapring one of her antipasto's, grilled aubergines

grilled aubergines

that were to be served with olive oil fresh parsley and garlic...

I was really tempted! especially when I saw the aubergines arranged on the serving plates

Only after settling my noisy stomach did the tour continue…

Tempatation Won! Zia Velia's Coccoi Prenas are Mint!
me eating a coccoi prenas

While Marisa and Luisa were finishing off the anitpasto's, I went to see what Umberto was doing in the Old House...

preparing the meat for the roast
preparing the meat on the skewer
meat on a skewer
meat roasting on an open fire

The pictures reveal all.... He was preapring the meat on the spears to cook on the open fire, the Sardinia spit roast!

The feeling I got the whole time I was there was very homely.  I personally felt that I was invited to a Sardinian home for a Sardinian meal with a real Sardinian family! I would say that that is a real holiday in Sardinia

Me and Marisa
me ans marisa

The dining hall is simple yet elegant, very Sardinian. The center piece being the fireplace with its Juniper cornice that makes you feel like you are in a Sardinian home.

The entrance to the agriturismo has a large veranda, the perfect spot to sit in the shade on a hot summer’s days after a tasty Sardinian meal.

The Dining Room
the long rable set in the dining room
The fireplace
the fireplace
The Veranda
entrance to the agriturism dining room

The actual building of the agriturismo is set on a hill top and the view from there is fabulous… you can even see the Mediterranean Sea! 

Marisa did mentioned that it is about a 5 minute drive to the nearest beach by taking a short cut, which she will all to happy to show you if you ever decide upon this kind of Sardinia holiday accommodation.

Your Sardinia Holiday Accommodation... The rooms!

A beautiful structured row of chalet rooms, rigorously designed in a Sardinian style that blends in perfectly with the country scene. Each chalet is composed of a bedroom and a bathroom.

The bedroom is actually composed to you needs and requirements.

1 master bed and up to three single beds, one of which is  a bunk bed. So, basically each room can accommodate 5 people.

Front View
the accommodation building at the argriturism
Entrance to Room
the accomodation building at the argriturism
Path down to Rooms
the pathway leading the the accommodations at the agriturism

Side View
side vew of the accommodation building
View From the Rooms
the garden in front of the accommodations

If your idea of a holiday in Sardinia ,is being out and about exploring the east coast beaches, excursions in the mountains, boat trips to the spectacular Ogliastra creeks or whatever else you have in mind, Marisa’s bed and breakfast agriturismo is a beautiful and peaceful location to retire to for the evening.  

In a nut shell… Marisa’s agriturismo bed and breakfast is one of those hidden gems, embedded in the picturesque hillsides of Ogliastra, but not for long!

If you ever come to Sardinia and opt for another kind of Sardinia holiday accommodation, Marisa’s welcomes you to join them at the dinner table for an authentic Sardinian meal!

The price of a meal is 25.00 Euro's per head. You will need to book though, at least 2 days in advance.

For warning… Marisa doesn’t speak English!

Not to worry though, I can give you her telephone number for when you are in Sardinia. If your Italian is not up to scratch I can almost guarantee  that whoever you are staying with, will be glad to help you make your booking.

And please remember if you ever come on holiday in Sardinia and visit Marisa's bed and breakfast, just pop it into conversation that Susanna from the cake shop sent you, it will make her day and mine too!

An don't forget to come back here and tell us all about your stay at Sardinia Travel

International code (0039) cell phone number 3381220273

If you wish to contact Marisa with enquiry about a holiday in Sardinia stay in her bed and breakfast, please use the contact form. She does have someone to help her with the emails.

Holiday in Sardinia S'Omueccia Agriturismo
Bed and Breakfast Prices

Type of Accommodation
Bed and Breakfast Euro 35.00
Half Board Euro 60.00
Full Board Euro 75.00

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