Flights to Sardinia

International  flights to Sardinia… Know exactly which airport you're wanting to fly to?

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
airplanes parked in alghero airport

Then simply jump to your desired destination using these quick links below.

Flights to Cagliari

Flights to Olbia

Flights to Alghero

Not too sure which is the best airport to fly to… here you'll find more information to help you decide.

If you're making your own way to Sardinia you may want to check out the map below:

The map has been divided into three areas to indicate the travelling distances between the three major international  airports and destinations on the island.

Find your destination on the map to see which is the ideal airport to fly to.

View Airport Map in a larger map

Although there are many direct flight options from all over Europe, there maybe a chance you don't find flights from your desired departure location, to your first choice so check the other airports too.

Airport snack bar in departure lounge of cagliari airport
Airport sign post on top of olbia airport
Airport poster of flight maps in check in area of alghero airport

For the moment these airports do not provide direct transatlantic flights.

If you are looking to flying from destinations outside of Europe you will have to look for flights with one or more stops...

  • or you can use the skyscanner flight search that bring you back all the options direct and non available from your desired departure location to your selected Sardinia airport

Looking for Flights from the UK ?

Cagliari Flights

view of manchester uk airport at nightlucidtech
UK to
Sardegna Flights

front view of heathrows terminal 2 markhillary
Sardegna Via
Rome Airports

airplane parket in rome fiumicino airportbeelzebock

I have flown from the UK to Sardinia practically once a year for a number of years (without giving my age away!) if you're interested, you can read about my personal experiences here.

See The TA's forum for
questions and answers related to flying to Sardinia

Other pages that may interest you are :

Search the Sardinia Holiday Accommodation directory, just type in a few keywords of what fits best your search and see what is available.


OK, Now that your flight has been sorted, for a good choice hotels with discount prices, visit Hotel in Sardinia.

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