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Finding cheap flights to Sardinia, when I was younger wasn't an easy task.

The only way was to use a schedule airlines which meant paying out loads a of money for my flight tickets and the best part of the time I use to have to go to London Gatwick airport  which was the airport furthest away from where I use to live in England.

Basically it was a nightmare! But that never stopped me…

Air travel to Sardinia these days has changed; more direct flights are available, although over the years the flights offered change from season to season.

One good thing is that low cost airline companies offer the possibility of flying in and out of the island  from all over Europe.

The cheapest flights tickets that I have ever found have always been with Ryanair. It's really amazing what cheap flights you can get, if you start looking and book in advance.

Having said that ever since the Iceland Volcano eruption, being able to pick cheap flights to Sardinia, and when I say cheap it was known to be able to pick plane tickets for just £1.00 with a few extra pounds for taxes sweems to be a thing of the past.

I was unfortunate enough to have had plane tickets booked in the exact week the volcano erupted. 

But then again fortunate that nobody knew it was about to happen, the prices of those tickets were ridiculous. £20.00 to fly out of Cagliari into Germany and then on to London Stansted.. o nearly forgot that was for a return ticket with taxes inclueded !

Flights to Cagliari

view of the airport grounds from the departures
Flights to Olbia

the olbia costa smeralda airport
Flights to Alghero

the alghero airport

Ryanair still has the cheapest prices for flying into Sardinia from the UK but for the moment are limited to flights into Alghero.

In the past they did have a Cagliari – Manchester flight, I’m just hoping they’ll bring it back again.

For the moment Ryan air doesn’t have any direct flights from the UK to Cagliari.

Again before the eruption of the volcano, direct flights to Sardinia were not the only way to find the cheapest flight tickets and sometimes still are if you don’t mind travelling with hand luggage only.

I know one stop flights can be a bit of a pain but in my case it made a one hour extra in total travel time difference.

I live in Ogliastra, so the best airport for me in Sardinia is Cagliari Elmas. In the UK, the East Midlands Airport is closest to home.

Sardinia Via

entrance to departures at cagliari airportEdvvc
Rome To
Sardegna Flights

airplane parket in rome fiumicino airportbeelzebock
Sardinia Via
Rome Airports

view of rome fiumicino airport PhillipC

Using Ryanair's website I found it a breeze setting myself up a one stop flight from Sardinia to the UK,

  • Sardinia Elmas (CAG) to
  • Milan Bergamo (BYR) to
  • England East Midlands (EMA), and obviously back again…

If you ever use this flight, you have a 5 hour wait (if the flight arrives and departs on time) between flights.
That may sound a long time but in reality it went by very quickly. Right in front of the Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport there’s a large shopping center.

To get there you have to take a subway, note it was lashing it down with rain and the subway got flooded, water up to my shins. If things have changed there when it rains I don’t know, you’ll just have to find out for yourselves.

Airport snack bar in departure lounge of cagliari airport
Airport sign post on top of olbia airport
Airport poster of the alghero airport

Flight availability to Sardinia changes nearly every year.

In fact easy Jet have organized a new route this summer starting in May 2013 from London Luton to Olbia Airport , and  I will  definitely use for my hopeful  trip to the UK in summer.

I have tried many different routes of flying to Sardinia from the UK and vice versa but if I had a choice, no correct that… a wish, then it would be to fly from Tortolì Arbatax straight into East Midlands.

More Sardinia Air Travel Information :

Cagliari Flights

view of manchester uk airport at nightlucidtech
UK to
Sardinia Flights

front view of heathrows terminal 2 markhillary
Flights to

entrance to departures at cagliari airportEntrance Cagliari Airport

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