Sardinia Airport

Aeroporto Mario Mameli Di
Cagliari Elmas (CAG)

The Sardinia airport of Cagliari is situated in the in the capital of the Island in the South of the Island.

If you’re planning a vacation in the South or either

  • Central East (no further North than Baunei)
  • Cagliari – Baunei About 150 km Travelling time 2 hours 15 minutes

  • West coast ( no further North of Oristano)
  • Cagliari – Oristano 90 km and Travelling time  1 hour 19 minutes

then the Cagliari airport is the best airport to choose.

Sardinia Airport Cagliari
Image courtesy of ramsch_ursel

If you’re planning a destination further North of these locations then you may want to check out the other airports.

Flights to Cagliari

Flights to Olbia

Flights to Alghero

The search below already has Cagliari inserted, by inserting your preferred departure location you will be able to see all airline companies that fly to Cagliari.


Snack Bar in the Departure Lounge
Cagliari Elmas Airport

snack bar in the departure lounge at the cagliari airport

More Useful Information about Cagliari Airport:

Useful Telephone Numbers:

Lost and Found

I truly hope you will not need these numbers but if you are unfortunate and do have problems with your baggage note that there are two baggage companies that operate in the Baggage claim area.

Out of all the airports the Cagliari Elmas airport is the one I have flown from the most.

Basically because my Sardinia holidays were always in the Province of Ogliastra and this airport was the closet to my destination.

I used the past tense because Sardinia has now become my home.

(I have shared my personal experiences of flying to Sardinia from UK if you would like to read about them.)

Although Cagliari is an International airport, direct flights are limited to and from destinations in Europe.

You can find more information about flights to Sardinia here.

The Cagliari airport was first built in 1937 and over the years it has had numerous facelifts; the last was in 2003.

I can still remember when I use to fly in to the airport before it was restructured, if it wasn’t for the runway near the airport the old building resembled more  like a large warehouse from up above.

One of the things I love most is when arriving at Cagliari and the plane begins it decent.

View From Outside the Departures Area
Cagliari Elmas Airport

Looking out of the plane window you can see the city and then all of a sudden all you see is the Sea and I have to admit my first memory recalls that my thoughts were “where is the runway?”.

After numerous flights to Sardinia I now realized that is a standard procedure. The plane goes out to sea and turns around to face the runaway  for landing.

This is the best video I found for to see see exactly what I mean, so you know what to expect.

Video By SledgeKiller

More Sardinia Travel Information :

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front view of heathrows terminal 2
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