Travel to Sardinia Guide

Information on ways of getting to
the Mediterranean Island.

Travel to Sardinia either by air or by sea.

The two principal ways of getting to the island are by flying or by a ferry crossing.

In some cases it can also be a combination of the two especially when people are looking for a cheap way to travel and don’t really mind the fact that the journey may take that little longer.

By Air.

There are three airports on the Island which provide nonstop international flights from Europe.

Airport snack bar in departure lounge of cagliari airport
Airport sign post on top of olbia airport

Each airport offers routes from different European cities.

Flights to Cagliari

Flights to Olbia

Flights to Alghero

Although you have a good choice of routes from many European cities, there is always a chance you don’t find a direct from your departure location to one of the Islands airport.

In this case another alternative is flights one or more stops.

The main airports in Italy , Rome and Milan offer more connections with Europe as well as intercontinental  flights to Rome and are an excellent place to look for flights with connections.  

Sardinia Via

boarding plane at the milan bergamo airport Roman Lashkin
Rome To
Sardegna Flights

airplane parket in rome fiumicino airportbeelzebock
Cheap Rome

view of rome fiumicino airport PhillipC

Sardinia Via
Rome Airports

airplane parket in rome fiumicino airportbeelzebock
Rome Airport


My own personal experience of air travel to Sardinia has been from the UK and on a number occasions I have used Milan and Rome as connecting airports.

Cagliari Flights

view of manchester uk airport at nightlucidtech
UK to
Sardinia Flights

front view of heathrows terminal 2 markhillary
Personal Experience
Flying to Sardinia

check in area at cagliari airport with departures signCheck in Cagliari Airport

By Sea

Travel to Sardinia by road and ferry can be a long and tiring journey but it also has its advantages.


  • Having your own car for exploring the Island
  • Travelling in a camper van having your accommodation on hand
  • Travelling by motor bike, enjoying the haven of the windy mountain roads
  • More space to bring your necessities in vacation
  • More space to take lots of goodies made in Sardinia  home 

The Island is connected by ferry to Italy mainland Island of Sicily, France, and Spain.

There are five shipping ports to choose from in Sardinia.

Ferries to the port of Arbatax, brings you straight into the heart of Ogliastra, on the East coast. One of the least visited Provinces that has much to be discovered.

Ferries to

Ferries to

Ferry Sardinia

Ferry Leaving Arbatax



Ferries to Cagliari a more limited from the South end of Italy, so if you’re travelling from North Europe you will be better off looking at ferries to Porto Torres, Olbia.

Porto Torres

Ferry to

Ferry to
Golfo Aranci

Corsica Sardinia Ferry


Sardinia is also connected with the Island of Corsica (France).

Travelling from Corsica is made easy with two ports offering this service.

Hope you have a safe journey and enjoy your Sardinia holidays.

Remember you can always come back here and let us in on your Sardinia travel adventures.


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