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Italy ferries are connected to the Island of Sardinia from the following ports:









If you’re thinking of travelling to the island using a ferry crossing from Italy booking well in advance is the only way to find decent prices.

I have noticed that the later you leave your booking the prices don’t seem to go down on the contrary the fewer the tickets left the price seems to go up.

The shortest ferry crossing from Italy is Piombino - Olbia with a 4 and half hour crossing, wth Moby Lines.

The longest ferry crossing from Italy is Genova - Arbatax with 18 hours of crossings, with Tirrenia.

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One of the most popular Ports in Italy that is used to reach the Island is Genova, advantages being:

  • It is the Italian harbour that is at the most Northern point of Italy
  • Travelling from other European countries shortens the travelling distances not only in time but also in cost of fuel
  • You will find a route to all Ports on the Isle, which makes it easier to choose the ideal harbour closet to your final destination.

Porto Torres Ferries
view of the port of italy  porto torres from the sea

I have travelled to and from Sardegna by ferry from all the harbours in the Island as well as harbours in Italy from Civitavecchia upwards.

In the last couple of years the price of Sardegna Italy ferries has gone up tremendously especially in the High season July and August to the point that many natives that live in mainland Italy have either renounced to the idea of visiting or have found it cheaper to travel by air.

If you travelling from far away  and you are not looking at bringing your own vehicle to the Island, the Passenger only tickets seem to have kept a relatively low price.

You could of course take a look at what cheap flights to Italy are available,to then continue your journey with a ferry.

See more information about booking ferry crossings to each of the ports on the Island.

Ferries to

a sardinia ferry
Ferries to

view of the port of cagliari
Ferries to

the italy port of olbia

Ferries to
Porto Torres

the italy port of genova
Corsica Sardegna Ferries

a ferry in the port of corsica
Ferries to
Golfo Aranci

view of the golfo aranci bay in italy

Ferries to

a ferry leaving the port of arbatax in italy
Ferry Leaving Arbatax

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