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Beaches of Sardinia Italy

Welcome to the Italian Beaches of Sardinia.

Sardinia's spectacular coastline is a collection of beaches where it is impossible not to find one that you will fall in love with, given the choice you are spoilt with.

Map Of Sardinia Beaches
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Putting a label best to one  of the beaches in the compilation that encircles the Sardinia coast is a real tough one! When you see the compilation of inviting beach images I think you will agree!

Have I visited all these splendid beaches? Gosh No...I wish!

But I assure you that I am doing my best to sup up Sardinia's stunning sceneries when time is available and share them with those of you interested in this Mediterranean Island that has much to be revealed.

The central east coast of Sardinia belongs to an area known as Ogliastra. This is where I live and where I can practically say that I have had the pleasure of savoring all its strikingly  beautiful coastline, bar a couple.

Although my heart lines within this area of Sardinia and over the 20 years of living here I have encountered many people travelling through Ogliastra that have confirmed my beliefs, Sardinia has about 1,897 km of coastline to discover belonging to the 8 main areas of this Italian Island.


Olbia - Tempio


perda ladda beach sardinia italy

su pallosu beach sardinia italy


porto palma beach sardinia italy

buggerru marina sardinia italy

porto giunco beach sardinia italy

san giovanni beach ogliastra sardinia

Now,  each one of these areas is then divided up into stretches of coastline that belong to the different communes in that area.

Porto Rotondo Beach
Costa Smerlda Province of Olbia Tempio

Porto Rotondo Beach 
Costa Smerlda Province of Olbia Tempio

Apart from showing the beautiful collection of beach pictures around this Italian Island you will find maps to help you find these wonderful Sardinia beaches and also information suggesting places to stay nearby.

The tour begins in the Italian Province of Nuoro (East Coast of Sardinia) working our way round anti clock wise, to the North, West, South and finishing off back on the East coast with the Province of Ogliastra.

By clicking on the links to the maps, a pop up window will appear where you will find indicated the areas of the Italian beaches named in each of the Provinces so that you can visualize which part of Sardinia we are talking about.

Enjoy Touring the Italian Beaches of Sardinia

Italy Beaches in Nuoro –

One of the more popular localities in this area is Cala Gonone. A small fishing village that we tend to visit at least once a year and usually for Easter Bank Holiday.  Certainly not beach time of the year, well for us at least as we are spoilt with the weather in the height of the Italian Summer and anything else seems to be... well too cold !

View Map Nuoro Beaches in a larger map

Fuile 'e Mare- Orosei
Fuile 'e Mare- Orosei beach

Italian Names of
The Nuoro Shoreline
  • Dorgali
  • Orosei
  • Posada and Siniscola

Olbia Tempio Beaches in Italy

Olbia's coastline is quite long so the choice is vast. You can either go to the more famous areas of the Island like the Emerald coast and see how the other half go on, on their vacations or you can find more peaceful areas like ......

View Map Olbia Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach
Caletta a Punta Le Saline- Arzachena

Italian Beach
Caletta a Punta Le Saline - Arzachena

Italian Names of
The Olbia Shoreline
  • Budoni
  • San Theodoro
  • Porto San Paolo and
    Isola di Tavolara
  • Olbia
  • Costa Smeralda
  • Isola Della Maddalena
  • Palau
  • Santa Teresa Di Gallura
  • Badesi
  • Aglientu

I have two personal favorites in this Italian Province, the first is the area of Castelsardo,  quite a romantic little village, quaint and picturesque with wonderful nearby beaches. An ideal location if you're thinking of coming to Sardinia to get married.  

The second is Capo Caccia near Alghero, the panoramic views are truly beautiful. I must admit I have only ever been once but I have never forgotten it and truly hope to go back again.

View Map Sassari Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach Balai - Porto Torres
Italian Beach Balai - Porto Torres
Italian Names of
The Sassari Shoreline
  • Valledoria
  • Castelsardo
  • Porto Torres
  • Stintino
  • Isle Of Asinara
  • Sassari
  • Alghero

Oristano Italian Beach Images –

I have not had the pleasure of visiting the west coast of this island, so for now I not able to give you my personal favorites here. My husband lived in this area years ago and managing to visit the majority and his comments were." Yes there are lots of beautiful beaches but the best are in Ogliastra!" Maybe he's bias... or maybe not!

View Map Oristano Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach
Torre Del Pozzo - Cugliere and Narbolia
Italian Beach 
Torre Del Pozzo - Cugliere and Narbolia
Italian Names of
The Oristano Shoreline
  • Bosa and Tresnuraghes
  • Cugliere and Narbolia 
  • Cabras
  • San Vero Milis
  • Arborea, Santa Giusta and Oristano

Medio Campidando Beach Pictures –

The Campidando coastline is the smallest on this island and therefore has only one area commonly known as the Arbus.

The Medio Campidando Shoreline

View Map Medio - Campidando Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach Caletta a Pistis - Arbus
Italian Beach Caletta a Pistis - Arbus

Carbonia Iglesias Italian Beach Photos –

Yet another area of this Italian island that I have yet to visit. I was very close last year of taking a 3 day trip but opted out at last minute, work unfortunately does have to come first. I have been  told that this area has an uncontaminated beauty and that a visit to the smaller Islands is well worth it.

View Map Carbonia Iglesias Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach San Nicolo Beach - Buggerru
Italian Beach San Nicolo Beach - Buggerru
Italian Names of
The Iglesias Shoreline
  • Buggeru
  • Iglesias
  • Gonnesa
  • Portoscuso
  • San Giovanni Suergiu
  • Sant'Anna Arresi
  • Isle of Sant'Antioco and San Pietro

Italian Beach Pictures of Cagliari – 

Cagliari too has quite a long coastline. This summer for the first time in 20 years of living here I went for a ride out to the area of Castiadas. Oh it was beautiful... Costa Rei and all those long sandy beaches that can been seen from the mountains were truly inviting.

View Map Cagliari Beaches in a large map

Italian Beach Punta de is Molentis - Villasimius
Italian Beach Punta de is Molentis - Villasimius
Italian Names of
The Cagliari Shoreline
  • Teulada
  • Domus de Maria
  • Pula and Sarroch
  • Cagliari and Capo Terra
  • Quartu Sant'Elena
  • Villasimius
  • Castiadas

East Coast Beaches Of Ogliastra

Although I have said that choosing the best Italian beaches on this island is not an easy enterprise, it is an known fact Ogliastra is where you'll find the most beautiful beaches and coastline for a number of reason:

  • Uncontaminated landscapes that embrace the waters
  • Crystal clear turquoise and blue sea
  • All types of beaches, long sandy stretches, pebbly beaches, rocky coastline, secluded beaches, hidden beaches, sea caves, family beaches, nudist beaches, dog friendly beaches
  • Tourists are far and few between with the advantage of finding deserted beaches an easy task (apart from Sundays when the locals come out to play!) and especially if you escape the high season.

View Map Ogliastra Beaches in a larger map

Italian Beach
Museddu Beach - Marina Di Cardedu
Italian Beach
Museddu Beach - Marina Di Cardedu
Italian Names of
The Ogliastra Shoreline

As you can see there are lots more Italian beaches pages on the way. I am doing my best to bring them to you as fast as I can. So if you like what you have found so far then please do remember to visit us again... Thank You!

South of San Marco Beach Cabras
Province of Oristano

South of San Marco Beach Cabras
Province of Oristano

In the meantime here is a special invitation....

If you have you visited this beautiful Italian Mediterranean Island and captured marvelous images of beaches in Sardinia, then please do consider enriching  this collection of Italian beaches with  your own contribution.

By simply filling out the contribution form below you are able to upload up to four photo's (you have more? Submit as many as you like!)

All I ask to make your beach photo's live on this website is that you name each of the photo's with the name of the beach, so that I am able to allocate them under the correct area.

If you would like me to attribute the photo to you, include a small message indicating name, city and country and it will be done.

Once you have submitted your photo's,  you will be asked to set your notifications by simply filling in your email address ( your email address is safe with me) so that I may notify you when and where your photo's are on the website.

Share Your Beautiful
Italian Beaches Of Sardinia Photos

Please send us your favorite photos of Sardinia and if you have stories or experiences you wish to share with us then we'd love to hear about them




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