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The Mediterranean beaches of Sardegna , the Marina of Tertenia dwells on the east coast of the island in the Province of Ogliastra.

View From St John's Tower in Sarrala

View From St John's Tower in Sarrala

The collection of beautiful mediterranean beach pictures shows that the Tertenia coast line is a worthy contender for the list of best Italian beaches.

italian beaches
Foxi Manna Courtesy of andreapgn
italian beaches
Foxi Manna Courtesy of andreapgn
italian beaches
Courtesy of per0ni
italian beaches sarrala
Marina at Dawn
Courtesy of per0ni

best italian beaches tertenia
Foxi Manna
best italian beach photos
Marina di Sarrala
Beaches in Sardinia Tertenia
Marinia di Tertenia Sarrala

St John's Tower Tertenia

beaches of sardinia tertenia
Tertenia The Sarrala Plains
italian beaches in sardinia
Foxi'e Murdegu

The Marina faces the flat lands of Sarrala and is hidden away behind the mountains of  Punta Cartucceddu and Monte Ferru ( where you can get a fantastic view of the whole coast line).

The Sarrala Plains

The Sarrala Plains Facing the Marina di Tertenia

Driving  by the mountains that encircle this Mediterranean beauty doesn't give away anything about what lays beyond.

beaches in tertenia

Whether you coming from the North or South, the road to be on is the SS 125 Orientale Sarda. The crossroads for the Marina di Tertenia  approximately faces the town of Tertenia.

The windy roads that lead to these wonderful Mediterranean beaches is about 10 km, You can't go wrong, there's only one road, until you reach a fork in the road...

Left-->North ...leads to the Foxi Manna beach

Right-->South... leads to St John's Tower and the beaches of Foxi'e Murdegu  (also known as Meliseda) and the Barisone beach.

The Foxi Manna beach is a sandy stretch. The last time I went this year, the waters were a little choppy and there was quite a breeze , to the delight of the wind surfer lover's. I have been on other occasions and found the sea just like a mill pond... which is what I consider perfect conditions! The waters are quite shallow, one of the reasons that kids never seem to want to come out.

The Mediterranean Beach of Barisone

The Barisone Beach in the Marina di Tertenia
view of the tertenia coastline from the mountains

The Foxi'e Murdegu beach has pretty much the same characteristics.

Heading towards the South the coast line tends to get more rural, quite rocky with occasional  inlets and cliffs, until  we come to the pebbly beach of Barisone.

Personally not my cup of tea but then again you don't have to worry about getting sand stuck to your feet.

The flat land of Sarrala is certainly a traditional Sardinian rural  setting.

What will you find?

The Foxi Manna Beach

The Foxi Manna Beach In The Marina of Tertenia

The first thing you'll notice is;  all the small villas scattered in and there, many of which are still in construction.  

Years ago these lands were hard to give away, where as these days having a piece of land to build a cozy holiday home  is a luxury.

Something that is not unheard of here, is the construction of houses without planning permission hence why many houses are unfinished and probably will remain so for a long time.

I have to admit that this does make a beautiful picturesque setting look a little ugly, but that's how it is and where ever you go you will encounter it.

The Scogliera in The Marina of Tertenia

The Scogliera in The Marina of Tertenia

There are of course bars, restaurants and pizzeria's, a supermarket opens up especially for the summer season. Once a week on Saturday mornings in the summer a market place is set up, in front of the entrance to the Foxi Manna beach.

The charming Hotel Janas is well worth a visit.

Antonio and Anna a wonderful couple that run this stylish Sardinian accommodation, welcome you for delightful meals that have some really fantastic prices or even for a drink or ice cream at the bar... you don't have to be guests...everyone is welcome!

If you do go, don't be shy to ask to have a look around, just tell them Susanna gave you the tip off!

Cape Sferracavallo in the Mediterranean Marina di Tertenia

Cape Sferracavallo in the Marina di Tertenia

I came across this video that shows you around the Capo Sferracavallo and also the hidden water fall and fresh water pools near by to this Mediterranean bay...

This other video is a collection of more beautiful Mediterranean beaches in this area..

On the whole the Sarrala is a quiet and peaceful Mediterranean location, if relax is your ideal Sardinia holidays, you will not go wrong here.

Marina of Tertenia courtesy of TripAdvisor

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