Baunei Beaches 

A Collection of Best Italian Beaches

Baunei beaches, 40 km of coast that is made up of coves and caves, the odd sandy seclude beach , uncontaminated crystal blue waters...

Yes paradise does exist ... and it's hidden beyond the limestone cliffs of Baunei.

These beaches are certainly not the easiest beaches in Sardinia to reach.

Could this be the reason why this place is still practically immaculate? (what man cannot  reach, he cannot destroy! Just a thought!)

There are two ways to find your way to these magnificent hidden gems

- A good few hours of walking

- Boat trips either organized or hired vessels.

In either cases there are plenty of information desks throughout the area of Baunei and surrounding villages that will be able to help you organized your visit to this wonderful coastline.

This tour of the Baunei beaches in Ogliastra beings at the south end in the Marina village of Santa Maria Navarrese a fraction belonging  to the Commune of Baunei.

This summer I took my friends who were over on visit to the Belvedere in the mountains. You will see the indications in the village. It is basically where you can get a bird eyes view of the coast. And what a view!

By overlooking the protection barrier in the square of the Belvedere you will notice some granite steps.  Not knowing what was down there we decided to go down , it seemed  like to take forever walking down those steps in 38°C.

I have to say I was a little disappointed when we finally got to the bottom. The sea had obviously washed away the last of the steps. But if you like solitude places you'll find it here along the rocky coast. As for climbing back up the steps, for me it was no joke! I will skip that one on my next visit...

Baunei Beaches Tour

Baunei - Santa Maria Navarrese Beaches

The central beach in Santa Maria Navarrese faces the Marina village. It is quite easily reached  by following the steps off the main road. You will find a small shipping port where you will be able to information about boat trips and hiring boats.

Baunei - Pedra Longa Beaches

Pedra Longa East Coast Baunei

Pedra Longa East Coast Baunei

Pedra Longa, is the next stretch of coast line. Although I have never been on the beaches in this area, I have been for a ride out with my husband. Pedra Longa is the name of the monolith that stands prominent out of the waters reaching the height of 128 meters.

It truly is a lovely picturesque locality and you'll find a small restaurant facing the majestic scenery.  From this point you can see the next stretch of coast known as Forrola.

Baunei - Forrola Beaches

Forrola East Coast Baunei

Forrola East Coast Baunei

This area of the coast is made up mainly of cliff's,  massif's and slopes. Not far from the cave known as the dead river in Sardinian Grotta de S'Erriu Mortu there is a waterfall called Funtana Baus.

On the rocky slopes just north of Forrola resides a flock of wild doves and a colony of regal eagles.

There is a lovely place near here called La Trattoria Perda Longa.

Baunei - Capo Monte Santo Beaches

Monte Santo East Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of Ogliastra

Monte Santo East Coast Baunei

Continuing our journey further north we reach Capo Monte Santo, where you'll only two possible landing points Portu Pedrosu and Portu Quau. If you're interesting in ships wreck in the vicinity of Portu Quau is where you'll find one.

Baunei - Cala Goloritzè Beaches

Goloritzè East Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of deja

Goloritzè East Coast Baunei

Next comes the most spectacular creek known as Cala Goloritzè.  It's almost shameful to say, although I don't live far from this extraordinary place that I heard so much about, I have yet to see it.

You can actually reach the creek by taking a long intensive walk, that begins in the uplands of Baunei Il Golgo walking down through the canyon. I think I'll opt for the boat trip!

Cala Goloritzè for its natural beauty and integrity has been declared Natural Monument of Sardinia . Cala Goloritè is also well known by passionate climbers for the pathway baptized the windmill symphony, in Italian Sinfonia Dei Mulini a Vento.

This pathway that climbs the limestone monolith of L'Aguglia. It was first climbed in 1981 by a couple named Manolo-Gogna and ever since it has become a great attraction to other climbers.

Baunei - Spiaggia dei Gabbiani Beaches

Next on the list is La Spiaggia Dei Gabbiani translated means the Seagulls Beach. This is yet another splendid little cove that can only be reached by boat.

Baunei - Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu East Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of Ogliastra Baunei

Cala Mariolu East Coast Baunei

Cala Mariolu, this inlet boasts natures perfect contrast of colors. The deep greens of the Mediterranean Marquis , the finest soft white sands and the clearest of turquoise blue waters.

Baunei - Grotta Del Fico Beaches

Grotta Del Fico East Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of Luigi FDV

Grotta Del Fico East Coast Baunei

La Grotta Del Fico (The Figs Cave) is next in line. The entrance to the cave is  at 7 meters from sea level. It is possible to vist the caves with guided tours.

Baunei - Cala Biriola Beaches

Grotta Del Fico East Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of Luigi FDV

Grotta Del Fico East Coast Baunei

Cala Biriola, is an inlet where you'll find a narrow strech of sandy beach. This creek is characteristzed the the 2 km of cliffs that protect the bay in the background.

Baunei - Cala Sisine Beaches

Cala SisineEast Coast Baunei
Image Courtsey of Luigi FDV

Cala SisineEast Coast Baunei

The Cala Sisine bay has been a landing point along this coast line for may years. There in infact ancient documents and maps that testimony the existence  and use of this bay in the prehistory age. It is also reachable from the internal territory.

Baunei - Cala Luna Beaches

The last but not least of the Baunei beaches is Cala Luna. An oasis of natural beauty and golden sands.

Cala Luna East Coast Baunei Beaches
Image Courtsey of Luigi FDV

Cala Luna East Coast Baunei

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