Baunei A Small Mountain Village

In The Province of Ogliastra Sardinia

sign post of baunei

Welcome to Baunei, a small historical village that belongs to the Province of Ogliastra in Sardinia Italy.

The village dwells high in the mountains facing the south west.

When you're in the village you have a fantastic view of the plains below that lead to the stunning east coast beaches.

A typical Sardinian town that shows evidence from the past , in the constructions of the houses that run along the main road.

The town itself has all the necessary facilities, shops,  bank, pharmacy if you can't find what you need Tortolì is not that far away where you'll find a larger shopping center.

View of the Baunei Village from the Mountains

view of baunei from mountain in ogliastra sardinia

Being  face to face  with the village it's hard to imagine what lays beyond the  limestone mountains that rise above the town. This summer me and Luigi (my husband) went for a ride out to this village.

a carved sign post indicating baunei restaurant

When driving through the town you need to watch out for the sign Il Golgo.

This is the road you want to take to go high up into the mountains and to get truly great views. We stopped half way up as you can see from the photos the view is fantastic.

We continued driving reaching the uplands of Baunei known as Il Golgo.

What's Here? The true wilderness of Sardinia...

Just driving around gave you a sense of peace and tranquility. It is also up here that you'll find the indications for the routes that will take you down to the spectacular coves that lay below.

Just to name one Cala Goloritzè.

Cala Goloritzè One of Sardinian's Most Beautiful Hidden Gems
Image Courtsey of vasile23

Cala Goloritzè One of Sardinian's Most Beautiful Hidden Gems

For more information about these spectacular gems see the beaches and coastline here. If hiking and trekking is your passion then this is a place to put on your to do list.

In the uplands of the Golgo there are also places to eat real traditional Sardinian foods. We came across indications for one restaurant and followed them to have a peak.

The Restaurant Il Golgo

the restaurant il golgo baunei ogliastra sardinia

You can't miss it, the big stone sign craved with the name Il ristorante Golgo lets you know you have arrived. The actual building is fenced off and looked close. But being the nosy person that I am I tried the gate and sure enough it was open so I took myself off to look even more.

inside The Restaurant Il Golgo

The building is built in a typical Sardinian style , which is the use of natural resources and a great favorite   of the Sardinian's as you will notice is the use of Juniper wood. The interior was even more beautiful.

We didn't stay for dinner as you need to book in advance, so please bear this in mind if you wish to try this place. I found a couple at reviews at tripadvisor about this restaurants and another place that is worth taking a look at the Rifugio Cooperativa Goloritze that may interest you. They are in Italian but there is a translate button.

a donkey strolling the golgo of baunei

On our way back down we encountered these cute donkeys roaming, the elderly donkey certainly wasn't shy,  as I was trying it take the photo it just kept on coming closer .

Me, not being courageous when it comes to wild animals, although I know that the poor thing hardly looks at all vecious, I couldn't close the car window fast enough!

If you like the idea of exploring the uplands, but not sure whether to tackle it without a guide, you'll find lots of information either in the main town or if your thinking of choosing one of the hotels in Santa Maria Navarrese everyone will be able to help and put in the right direction.

You'll be able to find guides that will take you on the walks and treks, like the Selvaggio Blu ( one of this Island most famous multiday walks).

Other interests  are the caves Grotta del Fico and Grotta Su Meraculu,  again you will find information about the guided tours available in town.

The Desserted Plains of The Golgo

the golgo plains in baunei ogliastra sardinia

If walking and trekking is not your cup of tea but you like the idea of visiting this breathtaking coastline, you can always hop on a boat trip that will take you to see them all. 

I confess that I have yet to experience this boat trip to the beautiful east coast beaches of Baunei. It is on my to do list, hopefully next summer, so I'll be back with all the photos and update about these boat trips.

Here are a few more pages related to Baunei if your may be thinking of coming here for your Sardinia Italy travel vacations.

Take a look at the rentals homes in Baunei for a lovely selection of ideas, most of them are in the hamlet of Santa Maria Navarrese.

Here to you and your Sardinia vacations... have a jolly holiday!

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