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What I love most about this almond cookie recipe (apart from the fact that is so tasty!) is you can create two different kinds of cookies…

Ideas For Using a traditional
Italian Almond Paste Recipe

almond cookie poster

A crunchy cookie or a delicious soft cookie and of course I will be showing you exactly how to make them.

You will need ground almond flour to make these cookies and it makes no difference at all if you use the ground almonds that have been peeled or not.

The only difference is by using the peeled ground almonds your cookie dough will be white, as to having specks of the brown ground almond skin.

There is no difference in taste, so my philosophy here is use what you have in or what is easiest to buy.

This almond cookie recipe uses an all in one method which basically means stick all the ingredients in a bowl together.

So it is quick and easy to make, a perfect cookie dough recipe to let the kids loose on as there are practically no risks of ruining the dough by manipulating it too much something that can happen in other cookie dough mixtures.

Buying Almond Flour

If you can’t find almond flour at your local store not to worry I have found that Amazon does stock both types.

Natural Almond Flour

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almond flour
Blanched Almond Flour

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The Recipe


  • 250g All Purpose Four
  • 250g Almond Flour
  • 250g Granulated Sugar
  • 250g Margarine (butter if you prefer)
  • 1 Whole Egg
  • A pinch of Vanilla Powder

Method :

Place all the ingredients in to a large bowl

Ingredients for the Recipe

the ingredients for an almond cookie
An all in one method recipe

all ingreients in a mixing bowl

Either by hand or with a mixer combine all the ingredients to form a soft cookie dough ball.

ingredients mixing in a bowl
a ball of almond cookie mixture

Your cookie dough is ready to use...

Told you this was easy!

Now what to make with This
Almond Cookie Recipe!

Nothing fancy yet yummy!

  • Simply roll out the cookie dough ( a bit on the thin side, I’d say less than a cm)
  • Lightly brush the cookie dough with some milk
  • Cut the cookie dough into rounds
  • Press the cookie milk face down into a tray of sugar.
  • Place on a baking tray lined with grease proof paper and pop in a pre heated oven for about 15-20 minutes until golden.


If you have intentions of covering these almond cookies with chocolate then omit the point about brushing with milk and pressing into granulated sugar.

As I will be showing you further down the page these cookies are great to sandwich together,  you can again omit pressing the sugar topping or do it only for the tops of the cookie.

Job done... Crunchy almond cookies ready for the attack!
Freshly Baked Almond Cookies

To Enjoy as they are or as you will see by Jazzing them up for extra special treats

different shaped almond cookies

Jazz Them Up!

Now let’s see how we can jazz these almond cookies up with either fillings or decorations.

When these are cookies are freshly baked, you will notice that they are very crunchy.

This crunchiness will not last long, as the natural oil in the almonds will eventually soften these cookies.

The only way to preserve this crunchy texture is...

  • As soon as the cookies are baked and have cooled down
  • Completely cover the cookie with chocolate ensuring that even the underside is completely covered.

Chocolate Coated Almond Cookies

chocolate coated almond cookies

  • By doing this you are sealing the cookie, no air will get to it and the crunchy texture will last longer.

If on the other hand you prefer a soft cookie you can either leave them just as they are or sandwich them together with your favorite filling,  a quick dusting with icing sugar... perfect!

Apricot and cherry jams are favorites here in Sardinia,

Jam Filled Almond Cookies

filling almond cookies with jam
Jam Filled Almond Cookies

heart shaped alomd cookie with jam

Nutella and lemon curd cream are also great choices too.

I sandwiched these two rounds together, coated the edges with the same filling, rolled them in coconut and finished them off with a sprinkling of icing sugar.


Fill With Favorite Filling

nutella spreaded on an almond cookie
Sandwich Together

nutella filled almond cookie
Decorate and Enjoy!

finished almond coookie with nutella


Fill With Favorite Filling

almond cokkie with lemon spreading
Sandwich Together

lemon cream filled almond cookie
Decorate and Enjoy!

finished lemon cream sandwich cookie

Here are just a couple more I made up using strawberry butter cream and an orange cream.

Just to show you that you can really mix and match your favorite fillings and create your own cookies.

Strawberry Cream Almond Cookie

heart shaped almond cookie filled with strawberry cream
Orange Cream Almond Cookie

heart shaped almond cookie filled with orange cream

In my bakery I have many kinds of fillings to choose from and just love experimenting with new combinations; one of my favorites is a coffee flavored chocolate cream… Mmmmmm!!!!

Now I am not a big fan of peanut butter but for those of you who are you might want to give this a go and if you do then do let me know whether they were a success!

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If you are a great fan of almond cookies Sardinia has a delicious array of almond cookie recipes for you to try.

More easy cookie recipes are just a click away and don't forget to take a look at cookie dough recipes for more cookies, biscuits and tarts to bake.

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