Italian Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies
That Sparkle and Yell...Ho! Ho! Ho!

Making Italian Christmas cookies is the combination of the joy of baking sprinkled with the magic of the Christmas season.

Italian Almond Base Cookie Dough
All Decorations Are Made By Hand
italian christmas cookies

Baking and the holiday season being my two greatest passions put them together and I am in seventh heaven...

I have my own little cake shop in Sardinia since 1992. After many years, one thing I have learnt is that there are no rules when it comes to baking .

My Shop In The Jolly Holiday Season..
You Would Never Have Guessed!

OK, there are traditional Italian holiday cookies but who's to say that all Italian treats or any other types of goodies can't be transformed into a Christmas cookie?

Traditional Italian Cakes

The traditional Italian cookie made made for the holidays in Sardinia are called Papassinos. 

If we were to look at all the holiday cookies made around the world, you will probably find that most of them are made with dried fruits.

Basically because they are the fruits that are in abundance, as they are harvested around September,  October time. 

Baking professional for 20 years as made me realize that in baking cookies there are no rules. If you have a good basic recipe, then experimenting with variations can really be fun.

My personal collection Italian Christmas cookies are a combination of what is traditionally made here in Sardinia, with a bit of added fantasy, changing the shapes, variations of flavors and ingredients and adding cookie decorations... just gives them that special final touch!

The results are great tasting Italian cakes and biscuits perfect for the holiday season.

Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies

Pictures of
Christmas Cookies
italian christmas cookies

In Sardinia at the holidays time, it is not custom to super decorate a cookie like the ones you see here on my website.

Having been bought up in England and have always had a crazy passion about Christmas plus the help of internet has given me the inspiration to turn many of our traditional Italian cakes and biscuits into more fun Christmas goodies.

Christmas is just not Christmas if we can't sink our teeth into something that is tasty and at the time sparkles with the festive season spirit.

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