Almond Cookie Recipes

Authentic Sardinian Almond Recipes

Sardinia offers a wide choice of almond cookie recipes.

The most frequent visitors to this Italian Island are the Sardinian's themselves.

They are very tied to their homeland and whenever there is a chance of a break or vacation 99% of them choose their motherland.

I know this very well from experience with my own family, Sardinia was the one and only place to go for our vacations.

What has all this got to do with almond recipes?

Blanching Almonds
blanched almonds

Having my own cake shop here, when ever natives are visiting if there's one thing they want to take back home with them, then that is some traditional Italian cakes and cookies.

They do not only buy them for their own consumption but adore buying them to take back as gifts.

This all basically shows how they are proud of what their native land produces and when all said and done the authentic flavors of the almond cookie recipes made here are certainly unique.

an amaretto cookie
Amaretti Cookie Recipe
half baked amaretto cookie
Almond Paste Recipe
rolling almond paste cookies in sugar

Almond Paste Cookies
flower shaped almond almond cookie
lemon flavored almond ball cookie
almond sandwich cookie with chocolate wreath decoration

Almond Brittle Recipe
prepargin nut brittle
Almond Cookie
raw almond heart shaped cookie

iced decorated almond cookie
Nut Brittle
hazlenit diamond cookies

Amaretti Cookies are the most popular and classic of traditional Italian cookie and can been found practically in all Pasticceria's.

What distinguishes this almond cookie from other's is the use of bitter almonds and I can assure that the taste is inimitable.

Amaretti is a fairly easy recipe but it does take a little getting to use.

Raw Almonds
almonds with the skins on

Amaretti Cookie Recipe will walk you through the do's and don'ts to help you succeed in making a perfect Italian cookie.

How to blanch almonds will also show you how you can prepare almonds to make them in the traditional way.

Almond Paste Recipes are another favorite here.

The most common is known as Goeffus, which uses an Almond Paste Recipe widely used in Ogliastra.

But you will come to learn that all areas of this island they have their own variations of almond cookies and almond paste and all with different names.

Almonds are used also their Italian Christmas cookies, here are a few to take a look at

italian almond paste cookies for christmas
Almond Paste Cookies
Italian almond ball cookies recipes
Almond Balls
 italian biscuits recipes
Biscuit Almond Cookies

Almond Brittle Cookie Served On
Fresh Lemon Leaves
italian almond brittle recipe

I adore this Almond Brittle Recipe made with freshly toasted almonds, it was one of my grandma's authentic Italian recipes that she would send over to us in England whenever she had the opportunity.

After living here I have come to learn that a nut brittle recipe can be made with just about all types of nuts.

Browsing through what's baking in Sardinia you will see that all in all our collection of indulgences are easy cookie recipes.

Yet when it comes to special occasions, that is when the true Sardinian's artistry shines.

Their simple Italian cookie recipes are transformed in to works of art just like these Italian wedding cookies.

They are quite tedious to make but the results are just wonderful not only for the tasty cookie itself but they are a great base to work with for creating unique wedding cookie decorating ideas.

If you ever get round to making them yourself please do share your creative ideas on decorating these wedding cookies.

Wedding Cookie
Filled With A Soft Almond Paste

italian almond wedding cookies

For something quick and easy try this almond cookie recipe, a great base for making lots of various treats.

A Cruchy Almond Cookie
Filled With Jam

italian almond cookie

Almonds are used also in our Italian biscotti recipes either whole, chopped and sliced.

An excellent gluten free cake is this yummy Italian almond cake recipe where I'll even show you how to make some Italian pastry cream for added luxury, all gluten free.

Even if you don't have problems with gluten you may want to try it is delicious.

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Happy baking and thanks for stopping by !

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