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Your Italian wedding cookies comments are not only welcomed but very much appreciated.

Like all my Italian cookie recipes with pictures, I have tried to do my best to give you detailed instructions.

Having said that, when you have been baking Italian cookies for years, I may have left out points that to me may seem obvious but for those of you that are tackling this cookie recipe for the first time may not be so obvious.

So, if you find some points that you feel could do with more explanation or even more pictures, your comments will help me  make a better job of this wedding cookie recipe not only for you but for others looking to make perfect Italian wedding cookies.

If on the other hand, if  you have tried  this recipe and you are really thrilled with your results,  why not submit photo's of your decorated cookies with the Italian wedding cookies comments form below.  And please write the up's, down's and even side ways of your experience using my wedding cookie recipe.

Make Your Own Italian Wedding Cookies...

I will be over the moon to see how you got on with this cookie recipe and read what you have to say.

The great thing about using the submition form below is that I will publish a whole page dedicated to you and your wedding cookie photo's. Where I and other visitors may comments on your results.

May be you have arrived here in search of unique wedding ideas on how to decorate your wedding cookies.

Have you found anything that  has sparked up any unique ideas for your future big day.

Come on… let the cat of the bag and share with everyone your decorating ideas.

I thought I'h let you know which are my preferences as tart pans go for this recipe.

Share your Wedding Cookie Comments

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