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There are so many meringue recipes , variations of a basic meringue, meringues with added luxuries, different flavors, various colors and no doubt many more creative ways to use a simple meringue.

Many people end up making meringues for the simple reason that they have egg whites left over from another recipe and because it’s rare that anyone is out of sugar.

These two simple ingredients and a basic meringue recipe can lead to making delightful meringues cookies and desserts.

You can choose from four different types of recipes to use as a basic recipe to make up any one of these meringue mixtures.

I prefer to use the French Meringue as opposed to the Italian version as is it quick, easy and seems to be less hassle than the other’s but of course everyone to their own.

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Ideas For Meringue Cookie Recipes

Coffee Meringue Fingers Dipped in Dark Chocolate

(I apologize for the lack of photos they will be coming very shortly!)

When I make these meringues I like to use a template so  that all the meringues are the same size it also makes life a lot easier.

Prepare a sheet of paper the same size as your baking tray.

Draw lines with a thick marker pen to the size you wish to make your cookies

Remember to lease a good 2 cm space between each cookie

Place this sheet on the baking tray and then place a sheet of grease proof paper on top .

Now the template is prepared we can move on to prepare the meringue.


Piping Bag

A small star shaped nozzle


A basic French meringue mixture using 70g of egg white and 160g Fine Sugar

1 teaspoon of instant coffee passed through a fine sieve

200 g of Dark Chocolate


Pre heat the oven to 100°C

Once you have whisked up your basic meringue and it ready add the instant coffee and give it another quick whisk to ensure that it is well incorporated.

Pop the meringue mixture in to the piping bag with the star nozzle.

Using the template’s lines as a guide start to pipe your meringues.

You can either pipe straight lines or create an effective look by piping in a circular movement along the line.

By using this circular movement you make your meringue fingers as thick or as thin as you like.

Place into the pre heated oven.

Because these cookies are small and quite slim they will not need to stay in the oven for long as opposed to many other meringue recipes.

Leave the oven on at 100°C for at least 15 minutes, this will ensure that the cookies form a nice crusty shell.

Then switch the oven off and leave the cookies to dry.

How long will they take?

It depends on how thick your cookies are but it can take anything between 1 ½ to 3 hours. After the oven has been switched off leave for about an hour and then check. More information about oven temperatures and baking meringues here.

If when you touch them they are sticky just leave for a little bit longer.

When the meringue cookies are dried off leave to cool down properly.

Melt your dark chocolate and dip the flat length of the cookie into the chocolate (chocolate  side of cookie face down on the paper )and place on a clean sheet of grease proof paper, once dried this will result in a nice flat edge.

To decorate cookie either drizzle some melted chocolate on top or a very slight dusting of cacao powder.


As time permits I will be sharing more of my favorite meringue recipes.

Mini Meringue Nests For St Valentine’s Day

Strawberry Flavored Kisses with vanilla butter cream

Chocolate Meringue Cookies

Hazelnut Meringue

Now it’s your turn, 

Do you have a favorite meringue recipe?

Just fill in the form below upload a few photos and tell us all about your favorite recipes for meringue.

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