Italian Biscotti Recipes

Traditional Italian Biscuits

Traditional Italian Biscotti

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traditional italian anise biscotti cookies

Many of these Italian Biscotti Recipes are old and authentic Italian recipes passed down lovingly from one generation to the other. In fact, I don’t believe there ever has been a precise recipe ever documented!

You see, everything was made by intuition, a feel for the recipe and a good dose of loving.

I can still remember as a child, covered in flour, helping my Grandmother baking and asking her:

“Nonna, how do you make these Walnut Cookies?”.

I will never forget her reply:

““add a bit of this... and a bit of that... and then add as much milk as the dough needs” ...

Oh, did that frustrate me at the time!...But that is exactly how they are made....with intuition and love of baking.

I know this is just one example but I can assure even today when you ask some of the old ladies that still love baking  and cooking for that matter the answer is always practically the same.

A few biscotti recipes to start you off!

It is only really recently that these simple and in many cases easy cookie recipes have been given more of a precise recipe, so that other’s can experience baking the wonderful cakes and cookies made in Sardinia.

The word Biscotti does in fact mean “baked Twice” but it is also the common word used for cookies and biscuits.

Italian Biscotti Recipes
Papassinos Sardinian Biscotti with Walnuts

italian walnut cookie recipe

This collection of Italian cookie recipes is a combination of both.

Sardinia has a large assortment of traditional Italian cakes or cookies depending how you like to call them.

Anise biscotti can be savored as a soft cookie or they can be baked twice.

In Oliena they make a really simple biscotti using wheat starch instead of flour it is a traditional delicacy, this too is baked twice or the same recipe can be used for something completely different as you will find out...

Papassinas is a typical biscotti cookie made in the area of Sassari.

Great Italian Biscotti Recipe
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italian biscotti recipes

This chocolate biscotti recipe is a great combination of walnuts and cocoa powder.

A classic almond biscotti recipe with chunks of toasted almonds and fresh lemon rind for extra flavor.

Ciambellas is the common name given to these simple biscotti rigorously made by hand.

It’s hard not to notice that in all the Sardinian cakes shops almond cookie recipes are at the top of the list of their favorite traditional cookies.

Italian Biscotti Recipes
Anise Biscotti

anise cookies

More Italian Biscotti and Cookie Recipes

Italian Biscotti Recipes
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italian biscotti recipes

In some areas of Sardinia though, hazelnuts and walnuts are more in abundance so many of these authentic Italian cookie recipes are made by substituting the almonds. Just like in the case of this walnut cookie recipe.

Even the most classic of Sardinia cookies Goeffus made with an almond paste recipe has a famous variation in Aritzo, delicious hazelnut cookies.

With a good basic cookie dough recipe it is amazing just how many types of cookies can actually be made.

Peach cookies and these easy Christmas cookies are practically the same cookie dough but the results are completely different.

This has to be my favorite biscuit recipe as it is so versatile.  These Italian biscuits are made with this recipe and if you love creating in the holiday season it is also perfect for making Christmas cut out cookies.

Simple Italian Biscuit Recipes

simple biscuit recipe

Adding almond flour to a basic cookie dough, results in a great almond cookie recipe that can be used to make simple Christmas cookies.

As time permits I will be showing a little secret that will reveal how to make up your recipes using various nuts with your own favorite basic biscuit recipe.

Pistoccheddus are a biscotti recipe that is not baked twice but can be made as simple or as intricate as you like.

Ready To Bake Pistocheddu
italian biscotti recipes pistocheddus

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