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Almond Cookies Goeffus

Aprons on for this simple Almond Paste Recipe.

One of Sardinia's pride and joy are their traditional Italian cakes.

If  you ever come here and visit the cake shops or as we call them Pasticcerie you will notice that nearly all the traditional Italian recipes use almonds as the main ingredient or  have been added to the cookie.

Goeffus - Italian Cookies Made With This
Recipe For Almond Paste
traditional sardinia almond cookies goeffus

There are in fact two basic traditional almond paste recipe here in Sardinia:

Recipe For Almond Paste

all the ingredients neede to make almond paste

The first is made with ground almonds icing sugar egg white fresh lemon rind and fire water (distilled grape pompace)

Which is the almond cookie recipe I will be sharing with you on this page.

The second recipe is made with ground almonds, granulated sugar water and orange flower water for flavoring.

Which is used mainly to make Italian cakes known as Candalaus.

Almond Paste Recipe


- Bowl for mixing

- A small cup

-A tray for extra sugar

- A tray to place the prepared almond cookie


- 250g ground almonds

- 200g icing sugar

- 60 g Egg whites

- 1 rind of a small lemon

- 1 table spoon of Fire water (this is added for a distinct Sardinian flavor it can be omitted completely or replaced with other liqueurs of your choice. )


- Place all ingredients in a bowl and bind together.

- There you have your almond paste is ready !

- To make the traditional almond cookies known here as Goeffus:

- Prepare a tray with granulated sugar

- Place some liqueur in a small cup ( or water if you prefer non alcoholic almond cookies)

- Wet the palms of your hands

- Take a small amount of almond paste and roll in to small balls.

As you can see from the photo I usually roll out the almond paste into a fat sausage shape first and cut up the rough ball sizes, I find it quicker and easier using this method.

Rolling Almond Paste Into Small Balls how to make almond balls

Place the formed almond ball and roll in the sugar

Rolling Almond Paste Into The Sugar
rolling the almond ball in sugar

Place on a tray and leave to dry out for a few hours.

Sardinian's traditionally confection these almonds cookies the same way boiled sweets are wrapped..

Using bright colorful tissue paper, normally both ends of the wrapping paper are shredded like the photo shows below.

Cutting Paper For The Almond Paste Cookie
cutting the paper to wrap the almond cookies in

Remember … by omitting the flavorings, this is a simple basic almond paste recipe that can be used where ever almond paste is required.

I also use this almond recipe for covering Christmas cakes.

At Christmas time I just love using this basic almond paste to transform these traditional almond cookies into tantalizing bite size almonds balls that are not only a delight to see they are heavenly to the pallet.

I also use it to make what I call almond surprises. These Italian almond cookies are  perfect for Christmas and any other special occasion.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and if you come up with any new ideas for how to use it , I would love to hear about it.

Here are some more traditional Italian Cakes for you to take a look at.

If  you share my passion about baking at Christmas time then why not have a peep at my Italian Christmas cookies.

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