Jam Filled Italian Biscuits

Easy Cookies to Make For All

These Italian biscuits are one of the favourite cookies amongst Italians. They are quite a simple cookie and to make them you will need to follow my biscuit recipe.

There you will find a detailed explanation of how to make up this mixture.

Here I will be showing how to use that recipe to make these really easy biscuits.

Jam Filled Biscuits

simple jam filled italian biscuits

Once you have your biscuit dough ready made up and you have left it for a while to rest in the fridge , so that it has firmed up enough to be able to roll it out, we are ready to proceed.

For each Italian biscuits we will be needing two biscuits, one for the base and one for the top, that will have a whole in the middle.

Cookie Cutters on

So when you are rolling out the biscuit dough and cutting the cookies remember to have the same amount of each.

You will need a small round cookie cutter and an even smaller cookie cutter to cut out the middle of the cookies.

Biscuits Cookie Cutters

Side Note: The top biscuits,  as they have a hole in the middle will tend to bake quicker than the bases. So I suggest that you bake the bases and the tops on different baking trays.

tops of the italian biscuits raw

  • Flour the surface you are using, and roll out the dough to about ½ cm in thickness.
  • Cut out  cookies and place on the baking trays.

Tip: It is far easier to cut out the middle of the cookie if you first place the cookies on the baking tray and cut them out there, than cutting them out on the table and trying to transfer them without losing their shape.

Preaparing The Biscuits Tops

  • Once you have used up all the cookie dough place in a pre-heated at 180°C for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Leave to cool down
  • Take the tops and place on a sheet of greaseproof paper and dust with icing sugar
bases of the tialian biscuits with jam

  • Spread the bases with apricot jam

Assembling Biscuits

assembling the jam filled italian biscuits

  • Take the dusted cookie tops and place on top of the jammed biscuits.

me eating an italian jam filled biscuit

There you have it biscuits Italian style that are so much loved here. I told you they were simple!

Enjoy making these Italian cookies and more to the point hope you enjoy eating them!

While your preparing I think I will get straight in and eat one!

Hope you have enjoyed this page, please pay it forward and share it with family and friends you know that love baking!

The most classical way of making the biscuits is using a simple round cookie cutter, but I just love playing around with different shapes.

Here are a few that are just perfect for these Italian cookies.

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