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Different Choices of Mini Tart Pans

Over the years I have collected quite a few different mini tart pans to make these Italian wedding cookies.

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Tart Cookie Made with Almonds
italain wedding cookie made with a mini tart pan

You’ll find them in different shapes, sizes and depth.

Mini Tart Oval Pan

The ones I prefer to use are these ones for the simple reason that they are not too deep and not too shallow at the same time.

This allows you to be able to pipe in sufficient filling mixing, while still having room to ice the cookies.

Mini Tart Barquette Pan

This fluted barquette shape is very elegant when made up.

The only trouble is that I don’t find myself using them much because the pan is very shallow and when the cookies are made up there doesn’t seem to be much almond filling to bite in to.


italian cookies made with a mini barquette pan

Mini Pan Assortment

In many parts of the Island this collection of pans, is used quite a lot.

They tend to be on the slightly bigger side than I prefer, but then again you have more space to go to down on the icing decoration.

In my personal collection of pans I have bought different qualities of cases, the cheaper ones and the more expensive ones.

They both do their job perfectly you really only see the difference when it comes to cleaning the pan after using them.

I have learnt that the best way to keep the cases in tip top condition for repeated use is:

  • Wash them thoroughly in hot water.
  • Shake off the excess water place on a baking tray lined kitchen towel upside down
  • Place in a warm oven and leave them to dry thoroughly.

When I have been in a rush or just lazy, not doing the simple steps above has resulted in the cases becoming rusty and have had to simply throw them away.

I have now learnt that if I don’t have the time, I just leave them dirty “so to speak” until I have the time to do the job properly.

This round pan makes a lovely deep tart, lots to bit into.

Obviously  the smaller the tart you make the more pans you’ll need for the quantities in this recipe, otherwise just half the amounts.

Heart Shaped Tart

This small heart shaped pan is just lovely, would be ideal for either San Valentine’s day tart as well as a mini wedding cookie tart.

If you look closely at the heart pan, you’ll notice they have another small heart shape lined in the bottom of it.

This will come up on the underside of your cooked tart making them look even more attractive.

Well these are my preferences for these delicious Italian wedding cookies, love to hear which ones you prefer.

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