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Unique wedding ideas is a great place to share and find new ways on how to decorate your wedding cookies.

Elegant wedding cakes are a tradition for many but how about transforming great cookies into amazing cookies that will make perfect wedding centrepieces leaving your guests startled.

Unique Elegant Wedding Cakes...Sardinian Candalaus
by Cristianocani
elegant wedding cakes

This Italian wedding cookie recipe comes from the region of Sardinia.

Their proper Sardinian name name is Pastissus and they are mainly homemade especially when you see them in their full glory.

Unique Ideas For A Wedding Cookie

by Cristianocani
italian cookies pastissus

Unique Ideas For A Wedding Cookie

by Cristianocani
tradtional sardinian wedding cookies

The fine delicate detailed decorations applied to the wedding cookies recall the Sardinian filigree traditions.

The cookie recipe that I have shared is a simple recipe with simple ingredients. Although when you look at it for the first time you may think it is complicated.

I have to admit that it is time consuming, but the fact that you can make them up in advance, is a great advantage.

One of the things that distinguish these beautiful creations are the tiny flowers used to decorate them.

spetacular cookies

These flowers are not so easily found even here, as they are made entirely by hand, even the sugar paste is homemade.

Unique Hand
Made Flowers
wedding centerpieces

I have been baking professionally for about 20 years  and I have get to find a place where these tiny beautiful flowers can be bought commercially.

So if you know anywhere that does sell them , please let me know.

These flowers on their own give any wedding cookie that extra special touch, but we can go even further…

These Flowers are Tiny
wedding centerpieces

If you can get hold of silver or gold luster dust, pop a teaspoon of powder into a small container and add a few drops of water until you obtain smooth liquid paste.

With a fine tipped paint brush, gently apply the paint to the edges of the rose petals. The effect is truly amazing.

Using a fine  writing nozzle to pipe your icing decorations, will make your wedding cookie look even more delicate and elegant.

Do we really want to go OTT? Of course we do…

Unique Ideas For Decorating
Using Luster Dust to enchance the details
italian cookies pastissus

When your piped icing has thoroughly dried, you can enhance some of the piping by painting it with the luster dust. It truly makes a difference.

wedding cookies and cup cakes

Other unique wedding ideas on how to decorate your wedding cookie...

unique wedding cookie ideas
  • Writing the names of the bride and groom

  • Writing the date of the wedding day
  • Using bell shaped layons instead of the flowers

  • Piped bows enhanced with luster dust

  • Appling heart shaped layons

  • Colored sugar sprinkles (matching your color theme)

  • Edible wedding shaped confetti

  • Applying horseshoe shaped layons

  • Applying two small wedding rings made out of sugar paste and painting them gold

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Unique Decorated Italian Wedding Cookie
iced decorated wedding cookies

These are just a few of my ideas on how to decorate my Italian wedding cookies...Pastissus!

I'd like to invite you to share  your unique wedding ideas on how you have decorated these small elegant wedding cakes.

Italian Wedding Cookies Comments, share, find and discuss more unique ideas for your special day.

Sharing and showing off your creations will certainly spark off new ideas for us all.

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