Almond Paste Cookies

Almond paste cookies are certainly one of Sardinia's most famous Italian  cookies.

The simple taste of the almonds that blend perfectly with the rind of fresh lemons and fire water are a true distinct taste of this Mediterranean Island.

I'm afraid I just can't help myself though, when I find a recipe that has a natural tendency to be used as a base for variations then I have it give it a go.

Almond Paste Cookies
Flavored with Brandy
sleigh shaped almond cookie

This Italian almond paste recipe is one of those perfect recipes that worls well with variations.

Almond Paste
flowered shaped almond cookie

On this page I will be showing how to use the simple almond paste and transform them into delicious almond paste cookies.

This almond paste recipe not only takes very well to being flavored, with a little patience you can also  turn them into eye catching delights that will surely dress up any Christmas spread.

The first thing to understand is that not all ground almonds are the same.

Some almonds tend to be dryer than others depending on the type and quality.

How does this affect your almond paste cookies?

The basic ingredients are always:

500g Ground Almonds

400g Icing Sugar.

120 g Egg whites

Where you have to be extra careful is how much liquid you add. To be able to roll out this almond paste the mixture needs to be firm.

So, although you will need to add egg white to all variations that you wish to try, how much you actually add depends on what you are using to flavor the almond paste cookies. Whether it is a powdered flavoring or a liquid flavoring.

By using a liquid flavoring you will obviously need less egg white, so please be careful and patience and add all liquids gradually.

If by any chance you do over do it with the liquids or egg white and your almond paste is too soft to roll out and be cut into shapes you can simply add more ground almonds and sugar.

Almond Paste Snowman Cookies
Flavored with Lemon Brandy
mini snowman shaped almond cookies

When using almond paste to my these Italian Christmas cookies I tend to use flavorings.

I do not add any other ingredients like hazelnuts are sultanas as to keep the almond paste smooth.  Simply because these almond cookies are bite size and it is far easier to obtain a perfect cut.

For more variations by adding other ingredients to almond paste take a look at my almond balls page.

Once you have made up your almond paste and you are satisfied that you have obtained the right consistency to be able to roll it out:-->

  • Use icing sugar to dust the surface you are using
  • Roll the almond paste out to a good 1 cm in thickness
  • Place the almond shapes on a grease proof lined tray and leave over night to slightly dry.

Now for the fun bit where you let you fantasy run away with you… the decorating!

I use chocolate. Simply dip the shapes into the chocolate and place on greaseproof paper to dry and decorate.

Do make sure that the cookie is completely covered in chocolate as this will act as a seal keeping the almond paste moist.

Here are a few pictures of shaped almond paste cookies that I have made.

Fruits of the Forest
fruits of the forest flavored almond cookies
candle shaped almond cookie
banana flavored almond cookie
peach flavored almond cookie
strawberry flavored almond cookie
christmas tree shaped almond cookie
snatas boot shaped almond cookie

Here is a list of flavorings that I have used.

Coffee, strawberry, raspberry, fruits of the forest, orange, lemon, rum, caramel, cherry.

You can of course use any kind of liqueurs as almonds blend flawlessly with practically anything.

Almond Paste Flower Cookies
Flavored with Maraschino
flower shaped almond coookies flavored with maraschino

These days there are a wide variety of oil flavorings available that are a perfect for this recipe. It is basically what takes your fancy and what you are able to get your hands on.

Just remember to add the liquids gradually otherwise you'll be forever adding ground almonds and before you know where you are you'll be making cookies for Tom, Dick and Harry too!

Have fun trying these almond paste cookies and don't be afraid to try something new!

Here are a few more pages related to almond balls that may interest you.

The Holiday season has heaps of possibilities of creating fun Christmas cookies.

From tree cookies in all shapes and sizes to traditional Christmas wreath cookies that don’t always have to be green. 

Lots of wonderful things can also be made with simple biscuits dough’s like these Christmas cut out cookies.

Not everyone loves super decorated cookies and when call for simple is in order then these easy Christmas cookies are just perfect.

The holiday season is very near, I will be busy baking and decorating Christmas cookies and be sure that I will take photographs of them all to share with you and I would like to invite you to share your best cookie creations with us too.

Here are some more traditional Italian Cakes made in Sardinia for you to take a look at.

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