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Snowman Cookie
extra large snowman cookie

Making fun Christmas cookies is truly is a part of the great festive season.

How to decorate Christmas cookies for the next holidays is a dilemma I face every year.

That may sound like a chore, but I assure you it isn't.  Every year I like to make 12 new novelty Christmas cookies to propose to my customers in my bakery here in Sardinia Italy.

To make these fun Christmas cookies I use a recipe that I have personalized from a traditional biscuit recipe.

It is a cookie  dough that contains quite a bit of almond flour and honey.

I also decided to modify the cookie recipe further by giving each of the 12 Christmas cookies a different flavor; strawberry, caramel, fruits of the forest, coconut basically any flavor possible.

Santa's Face Cookie

santas face cookie

The reason I use this recipe is because it is quite a shift dough and cutting out the shapes is easy.

Plus they do not need much baking, so they don't lose their shape after baking. 

Results are a perfect cookie base to decorate.

I could really kick myself as I haven't taken photo's of all the fun Christmas cookies I have made over the years.

Good job the digital camera was invented or I wouldn't have had any!

The most common fun Christmas cookies I have made are by using the Christmas cookie cutters that are quite easily available in the shops.

Santa's Sleigh

santas sleigh cookie
Snowflake Cookie

snowflake cookies

Christmas Tree

christmas trees
Flying Angel

christmas angel cookies

Holly Cookie

fun christmas cookies holly
Candy Cane Cookie

decorated candy cane christmas cookies

Christmas Bell

christmas cookies bells
Candle With Holder

christmas candle with holder biscuits

christmas ornament cookie
Star Of David

star of bethlehem cookie

Even if you use the same cookie cutters every year, you can obviously decorate them differently that will give satisfying results.

Just like these two snowmen;


chocolate cookies for christmas

cookies for christmas

The Christmas theme, has so many decorating possibilities.

Finding new ideas on what kind of fun Christmas cookies you can make is easier than you think.

I love to browse the Christmas clipart on the internet as I found some really great ideas for shapes like this snowman's face.

snowman design cookie

I printed off the clipart image to the size I wanted to make the Christmas cookie.

snowman sugar paste face

I cut out the image and outlined it on to a thicker piece of card (easier to work with).

cookie cutter snownman design

I made the cookie cutter with strips of easy pliable metal.

This is the end result...

Snowman With Scarf

fun snowman with scarf christmas cookie

I find making your own cookie cutters gives you freedom to make more original Christmas cookies and I have to say that is it a lot cheaper than buying them already made.

A quick tip;  I found it a difficult task finding homemade cookie cutter kits here in Sardinia and the way I got round it was quite simple and certainly less expensive.

I bought a large tin tray (60cmx40cm) for about three Euro's and took it to a metal smith who cut it up into strips of about 1.5cm. Depending on the size of the cutters you can make loads.

However you can find lots of ready made cookie cutters like these below to make lots of fun cookies for Christmas.

Find lots more Christmas cookie cutters either at: or

Here are some more fun Christmas cookies that I have made.  All these Christmas cookies have been made with homemade cookie cutters.

Santa's Reindeer

fun reinderr cookies
North Pole Sign

christmas north pole cookie

Father Christmas

jolly santa face cookies
Christmas Teddy

christmas teddy


blue decorated santas sleigh cookies
Double Bells

double christmas bells cookies
Flower Pot

flowers in a post christmas cookies
Christmas Pudding

christmas puding cookies
Candle With Holly

christmas biscuitsin the shape of a candle with holly
Snow Dome

christmas snowdome cookie
Robin Red Breast

robin red breat cookies
Christmas Lantern

best christmas  lantern cookies
Christmas Bow

christmas bow cookies
Christmas Kitty

christmas kitty cookies

Jolly Santa's Faces

santas face cookies

All the Christmas cookie decorations I have used have been made by hand basically because here in Sardinia they are not available to buy.

Plus it's what I believe to be the best part and all the fun about preparing Christmas cookies that are unique and have our personal touch.

Enough about what I do at Christmas, how about you?

Have you got some great ideas about Christmas cookies that you would like to share?

Join in on the fun and share you're your best Christmas cookies ideas, whether they are great tasting simple cookies or super decorated Christmas cookies, we would love to see and hear about them.

Christmas cookies decorated like the ones above are not really part of the Sardinian culture and traditions, that's just me and fanatical passion to transform Italian cookies into tantalizing cookies for the cheerful season.

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The holiday season is very near, I will be busy baking and decorating Christmas cookies and be sure that I will take photographs of them all to share with you.

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