Snowman Cookies

Ideas For Decorating Dear Old Frosty

Snowman cookies are fun Christmas cookies to make and kids absolutely adore them.

A snowman is a snowman but you will see here that you can actually come up lots of variations to create these simple Christmas cookies.

A snowman's man face cookie or his whole body. A snowman with a hat out without, flat or 3D cookies and so on.

I will be sharing with a few of the variations that I have made for you to try yourself.

3D Snowman cookie

Chocolate Rum Truffle Snowmen

Snowman Truffles

The body and the head are made out of truffle mixture, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in coconut perfect for the snowy effect.

I made the bowler hat out of black sugar paste. Simply roll out the paste about 5mm thick and cut out the base of the hat. Then roll out the paste about  1.5 c m and using a smaller round cutter for the top of the hat. Stick them together with melted chocolate.

The hat's are decorated  with sugar paste holly and brushed it over with some gold luster dust, very effective indeed.

Meringue Snowman Cookies

Meringue Snowman

Meringue is a perfect mixture to use to make 3D snowmen.  You can find my meringue recipe here and for more information about how to make snowmen,  check out my meringue cookies page.

Gingerbread Snowman

Gingerbread Snowman

Although here in Sardinia gingerbread is not a traditional cookie, I love making it and offering my creations to my Sardinian customers and I have to say they love it. This 3D snowman is one I made a few years back.  To make it I used various sizes of round cookie cutters and sandwiching then together with nutella and then covered it with icing.

Flat Snowman Cookies

The biscuits in the photos below are quite large, the plate measures 32cm..

These on the other hand have been made with 2 inch cookie cutter.

Filled Cookies

The great thing about making these treats is that they can be made with practically all cookie and biscuit dough's . Even if you were to use a cookie mixture like a Viennese  that tends to spread out during baking, it doesn't drastically change the shape of the end result.

So,  if you have a favorite recipe and try it. If you haven't got a recipe in mind then you might want to try out this easy Christmas cookies recipe ideal to make thick bicuits to cover with chocolate .

Or,  this Italian biscuit recipe which is ideal to make thinner biscuits to use as singularly and even to use them to sandwich together with your favorite fillings.

Now we have sorted out what recipes we are going to use, here are a few ideas of shape and how to decorate your snowman Christmas cookie.

One of my favorite are these simple snowman faces. I use my simple Christmas cookie recipe to make these. They are dipped in chocolate and then finished off with piped chocolate.

This snowman's face, if I remember right , I got from a Christmas card. A side note about Christmas cards is that you can find some really good ideas for making your own templates.

Snowman From A Christmas Card Image

This other snowman's face I found searching Google images with the word snowman. I printed the image to make a template. You can find more help about making your own templates here)

Now you can cut out the cookies using the template (a recommendation is to laminate the template) if you are going to make only a few biscuits. In my case I need to make quite a few , so I made my own cookie cutter.

If you are unsure about making your own designs, here are some snowman cookie cutters that are available to buy.

Here are a few more pictures of treats using iced and chocolate snowman decorations.

Snowman candy molds are a great way to decorate your cookies but they can also be used to make up your own templates. See here for a full explanation.

Merry Christmas to all and

Happy Holiday Baking!

Hope you have enjoyed this page, please pay it forward and share it with family and friends you know that love baking in the holiday season.

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Do you have a thing about Christmas cookies have lots of favorite recipes and great ideas that you would like to share? Here’s my invitation for you, Best Christmas cookies shared with passion.

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