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extra large snowman cookie

What makes the best Christmas cookies?

The joy of baking combined with the love for the jolly Christmas season!

Everyone has their own personal favorites when it comes to Christmas cookies...

Whether they are a great tasting simple cookies dusted with a little icing sugar or whether they are dressed up to the nines with all sorts of chocolates, colored sugar sprinkles, edible Christmas confetti, bought Christmas cookie decorations or handmade, the list could go forever...

Our favorites are always are favorites!

My fanatical passion for Christmas cookies has bought me to share with you what I have made over the years in my bakery,  here in Sardinia Italy.

If you share my passion for baking and decorating Christmas cookies then please come into Experience Sardinia.Com and contribute your tantalizing Best  Christmas  cookies creations.

assortment of square christmas cookies

I for one, and many of Experience Sardinia.Com visitor's would love to see and hear about your baking and decorating stories at Christmas time.

And please don't just limit yourself to sending a few photo's,  we are so nosy here... we want to know the lot!

Does the cookie recipe you use have traditional ties...

What are the best ingredients to use...

Do you have a favorite brand of chocolate that you find works better...

Do you find using colored chocolate coating can be a bother at times, I know I have, and I will posting comments about how to make it easier to work with colored chocolate coatings...

Do you make your own Christmas cookie decorations...

If  you do, how?, what do you use sugar paste chocolate paste...

Have you got any tips to share with your Christmas cookie recipe...

Have you got any tips on decorated Christmas cookies to share...

Like I said... we are so nosy!

The best way to find out more information about what we are interested in is simply sharing with those that are interested in the same subject, and that subject here is all about Best Christmas cookies.

assortment of ornament cookies

By filling out the submission form below you are able to up load 4 photo's and tell us all with a full description of what and how you made your Christmas cookies.

Submitting  your contribution will result in a whole page being published on Experience Sardinia.Com dedicated to you and your Christmas cookies.

Once you have submitted your contribution you will be asked to set your notifications. Please remember to do this simply by filling in your email address, which will be safe with Experience Sardinia.Com

The only reason I ask you to do this, is so that you don't miss out, as from time to time I may move  your contribution and in that case I will be able to send you the new Url so that you will be able to find your page and share it with your friends.

Share Your Best Christmas Cookies Ideas!

Upload your Christmas cookie photo's and let us in your baking stories.

Hope you have enjoyed Best Christmas Cookies page, please pay it forward and share it with family and friends you know that love baking in the holiday season.

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