Zuppa Inglese

Easy Trifle Recipe That's All Italian

It's ironic that Zuppa Inglese a famous Italian Dessert Recipe translated actual means English Trifle.

When I lived in England I have to say that this was the Italian dessert recipe that I made most. 

Traditional Italian Trifle

how to make zuppa inglese

Now although I made a really tasty Italian trifle recipe, it wasn't until I came to live in Sardinia did I realize that my recipe was completely different to the original recipe.

Basically I had made up my own version and can't even remember where I got it from, O well…  the important thing is that it went down like a treat!

To make this Italian trifle recipe you will need;

A basic sponge cake or lady fingers

Basic Sponge Cake

basic cake recipe

Italian vanilla flavored pastry cream and chocolate pastry cream ( find a super quick and easy pastry cream recipe here)

Chocolate And Vanilla Pastry Cream
vanilla and chocolate flavored pastry cream

Alchermes Liqueur  - This liqueur is bright red in color and a has very unique flavor that give the dessert its  distinctive aroma which has really nothing to do with the traditional English trifle that many know well.

alchermes liqueur for zuppa inglese

I have searched high and low on the web for an online shop that sells this liqueur and the only one I came up with for now any way is this one. Alchermes it what makes a Zuppa Inglese a genuine taste of Italy.

As not to waste too much Liqueur prepare 1 cup of water and add the Liqueur to your desired flavor. (prepare as needed, because once you have mixed the liqueur with water it will not last for very long)

Whipping Cream for Decoration optional

Assembling the Zuppa Inglese.

The dessert can be prepared in a serving bowl or in individual serving dishes.

I have prepared the one's in the photo in individual glass dishes as the combination of the different colors  of the layers is attractive to see.

I prefer to use a basic sponge. Once that is made I slice the sponge into strips of about 1cm.

Line the bottom of the dish with the sliced sponge cake.

slices of basic sponge

Using either a baking brush or spoon , wet the sponge with Alchermes blend

wetting sponge with alchermes

Cover the layer of sponge with chocolate pastry cream

italian trifle recipe
chocolate pastry cream layer

Add another layer of sponge and wet it with the Alchermes

Cover this layer of sponge with the vanilla pastry cream

recipe fpr zuppa inglese
italian trifle recipe

Whipping cream is not essential but it does give that touch of class

Finish off with may be some fruit or simply a sprinkling of chopped chocolate.

italian trifle with chocolate cream
Italian Trifle Recipe With Strawberries

zuppa inglese with strawberries
Italian Trifle Recipe With Chocolate Topping

zuppa inglese with whipped cream
Italian Trifle Recipe With Kiwi And Whipped Cream

zuppa inglese with kiwi topping

Not to leave you curious of how I made my own version of this recipe, here goes.

  • First I only used vanilla pastry cream
  • Second I didn't use Alchermes but
  • 1 layer of sponge was soaked with Marsala and the other with espresso coffee
  • No whipping cream on the top, just lots of chocolate chips.

Whichever version you go for I hope it goes down a treat for you too!

Other favorite Italian Dessert recipes I'd love to try is my easy tiramisu recipe, simply delicious!

A classic Crostata Alle Fragole...  oops!  I mean Strawberry Tart oozing with yummy Italian pastry cream.

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