Snowflake Cookie Cutters

Snowflake cookie cutters are yet another great addition to your kitchen utensils for creating  beautiful dainty cookies at Christmas time.

So what kind of cookie cutters are available?

Mini snowflake cutters are about 2" in size

You find all these mini cookie cutters to buy singularly at and there is also a set of five cutters that includes at three mini cutters like this one.

These are great for bite size treats, although they can be very tricky to decorate fine details with icing, not impossible just tricky.

Of course the easiest way round this would be to apply snowflake decorations using sugar paste and these snowflake plunger cutters.

I adore this snowflake candy mold, they are just about the same as the smaller cookie cutters so that fit on top with easy.

Sugar Paste Snowflake
Plunger Decoration
Snowflake Chococlate
Mold Decoration

Regular snowflake cutters are from 3” to 4”

Country Kitchen Snowflake Texture Set

This size cookie cutter gives you a little more space to work with, if you’re thinking applying the icing directly on to the cookie.

Again here you could apply ready made decs but have you tried to use the snowflake texture mats? By pressing the raw cookies on to the texture mat will give you great guidelines for icing your own cookies.

Large Snowflake cutters

The larger cutters are so much more fun not only because you have more space to decorate with but also it is easier with the larger cutters to use the snowflake detail cutters that make the cookies look just so much more realistic.

Ateco Large Stainless Steel Snowflake Cutter

This large snowflake cutter I find very practical as it already has the detailed cutters all in one.

The only thing I have found though when using this cutter is that the cookie dough has to be quite firm.

R & M International Giant 7.5 Inch Snowflake Cutter with Interior Cut-out

So I tend to place the cookie dough in the fridge long enough to firm up but not too long as depending on the dough it can become too hard to roll out.

Another tip for using this cutter, is before you roll out the cookie dough prepare yourself a square piece of greaseproof paper the size of the cutter.

Roll out the dough on top of the paper

Cut out the snowflake, pull away all unwanted pieces and then simply lift the cookie with the paper on to the baking tray, this way the cookie will remain perfect.

Snowflake Cutter sets

Snowflake Cutters
Set of 5

Snowflake Cutters
Set of 8

Set of 7

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