Country Homes For Rent
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Country homes for rent by owner, a small phrase that says so much!

In my opinion the words used evoke the visions of a ideal holiday accommodation.

  • Country- space, freedom, peace, silence, relaxation, tranquility
  • Home- cozy, warm, welcoming
  • Owner- sense of belonging, looked after

Country Homes For Rent...Ogliastra

The collection of country homes to rent by owner that I have put together for your future holiday accommodation on this Italian Island, are exactly all those adjectives put together.

I am not going to lie to you by saying that I have stayed in all the country homes that I will be showing you, as I have never had the need to.

My holidays on this island were always spent in my Grandma's country home and now that I live here I have my own country home!

All the vacation rentals by owner I will be suggesting are in the Province of Ogliastra, in the countryside's near to the east coast beaches of Tortolì, Barisardo, Cardedu, Tertenia.

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of ramsch_ursel

sardinia airports cagliari elmas

The only downfall about this area is; Ogliastra is cut off from the rest of of the island. Flights these days seem to be wearing thin and seem to be going up in price (then again what isn't!).

The nearest international airport is in the Capital ; Cagliari Elmas(CAG), which is about one and a half hour drive to Ogliastra. Renting a car would be the best solution, not only to get to your holiday accommodation of choice, but also to explore the spectacular east coast beaches and surroundings.

If you don't like the idea of the long drive to Ogliastra, you could always take in to consideration a flight into Tortolì airport, that connects with the Cagliari airport and mainland Italy (Milano Linate and Rome Ciampino). You can find more information about flights to Sardinia here.

East Coast Beaches of Oglisatra
Image courtesy of viaggioinsardegna

sardinia beaches of ogliastra

Having said that, where there is a downfall there is always a positive factor… you get to have the spectacular beaches all to yourselves!!

In July and August you will fnd slightly busier at the weekends, but they are mainly locals.

Tourism in this area is far and few between many do not consider this as a downfall but a true luxury!

The beauty of holiday with rentals are your host's, warm friendly Sardinian people, that will go out of their way to make your holidays here comfortable and memorable.


For starters you are in their home, and you are truly treated as guests and not just renter's. It is in the Sardinian's nature to make you feel welcome and they love to show off their traditions.

Just one being the famous Sardinian Spuntino… translated means snack. But you will surely find out that a Sardinian's idea of snack is certainly not… a cheese cob and a bag of crisp's!

Oh No! It's get a roaring fire going and a long spear full of meat to cook on the spit roast.

Not to mention all the other tasty Italian foods and Italian cookies offered, and of course the vino... Cannonau di Sardegna naturally.

Sardinian's Favorite Snack!

suckling pig roasting on the spit fire

If you ever come to visit and are invited to a Sardinian spuntino, be aware of one thing, how many times your host's ask you if you like the food! They just can't help themselves but ask!

All it is, is pride for the traditions of their Terra Sarda, they love to share it and they want to please their guests.

Now please don't expect a spuntino, as I am not saying everyone does this, but at least you'll be able to chuckle to yourself, cause Susanna told you about it.

I think I have babbled on enough for now, (don't say yes… I'll be offended!)

So let the sightseeing tour of country homes for rent by owner begin…

I have listed below the names of the areas in Ogliastra that you will be able to find country homes for rent home by owners.

If you’re not really interested in home rentals in Ogliastra, use the Holiday Accommodation search box to find other ideas.


Holiday Homes
view of golfetto beach near barisardo

Country Homes Rentals Barisardo

Here the country homes and apartments are located in the countryside of Barisardo and you also find a few near to the beaches in the locality known as La Torre which is close to the beach and there are a couple near the beautiful beach of Cea.

Rental Homes
panoramic view from perda longa in baunei

Country Homes Rentals Baunei

Mainly the tourist harbor village and surrouding area of Santa Maria Navarrese.

the road the leads to the cardedu beaches from monte ferro

Country Homes Rentals Cardedu

Here you will a mixture of country homes, comfortable apartments and villas for rent by owner.

Countryside Apartment
countryhome rental in cardedu

Apartments For Rent By Owner 

Sardinia Rentals apartment to rent in the peaceful countryside near the East coast beaches of Ogliastra. Owners personal invite page.

Villa Apartments With
Swimming Pool
the grounds at the apartment rental residence in cardedu

Villa Melissa Residence

Country apartments for rent by the owner in a attractive setting with a swimming pool.

Rentals Homes

the grounds at the apartment rental residence in cardedu

Country Homes Rentals Lotzorai

A small village that resides about 2 Km from the coastline the homes for rent are in the outskirts of the village.

Rental Homes
the welcome sign post in tortolì sardinia

Country Homes Rentals Tortolì

The holiday homes here are scattered around the territory of Tortoli, from homes near to the Lido beach of Orri to homes in the vicnity of the Porto Frailis Bay.

More Ogliastra

infographi with the sardinia sunrise in the background

view of the ogliastra mountains
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a moby line ferry in porto torres sardinia

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