Help Cooking Amaretti Cookies

by June


Just thought I’d let you know that I came across your amaretti cookie recipe on another site, it did have the link that bought me to this site.

I have tried these cookies using the temperature that you stated, the only thing is that I found that they were slightly over cooked on the bottom.

Any suggestions for the next time.


Susanna’s Answer :

Hi June,

Thanks for stopping by and asking a question about the temperatures of cooking amaretti cookies.

Every oven is different so the first few times when you try a new recipe, helps you to understand how the things work.

As far as your amaretti cookies begin slightly over cooked on the base. An easy way round this by putting extra sheets of greaseproof paper on the trays. This helps to protect the cookies.

I have a very large oven and the temperature I use is about 160°C but I also put at least four sheets of grease proof paper on the trays.

If your cookies were a nice golden color on top and it was only the base that was slightly over done, then try leaving the oven temperature the same as the last time and add the extra sheets of paper.

If on the other hand you found that the amaretti cookies were slightly over cooked on the top as well then try slightly lowering the temperature, say about 10°C.

Your oven temperatures shouldn’t really go below the 160°C as this will result in that the cookies stay in the oven to long, taking forever to turn a golden color and this will result in that your cookies being slightly drier than they should be.

Try this and let me know how you get on the next time.

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Feb 13, 2015
Best Amaretti I ever ate & gluten Free
by: Anonymous

I love, love loved your Amaretti. I must have had overly large egg whites as it was too wet using only 5 whites, I gradually added about ¾ cup more ground blanched almonds. I used a small ice cream scoop to make the balls, plopped each I. A bowl of sugar, tossed & rolled to coat. These were so very easy. The recipe made 24 cookies, I baked them at 325 convect, degrees Fahrenheit, on double thickness baking sheets, using Silpat liners (convection), they were perfectly baked, crisp around the edges, soft in the middle. So easy, so good & gluten free. Thanks for sharing. Today I had several drop in friends for tea time & guests for dinner. Everyone loved these.

Jan 30, 2015
Amaretti Cookies
by: susanna

Sorry for my delay in answering you !

Unfortunately, I have never used cups for any baking that I have ever done, so these are all weights.
Yes, you can weigh out the almonds before you grind them, you will lose very little that will not make that much a difference to the recipe.
Almond meal, almond flour are the same thing really ground almonds. Just note that there are two types and that is

Ground almonds using the raw almond with the brown skin still on them
Ground Almonds where they have been blanched.

For a real authentic amaretto it is best to use the ground almonds after they have been blanched.

As for the essence if you are not able to find the bitter almonds, be very careful here as some essences are very strong and they will certainly spoil the taste of your finished product.

So use a drop as in a drop, to be on the safe side.

Let me know how you get on or may be you have already done them


Jan 18, 2015
by: Syl F

Hi Susanna,
Thank you for your Amaretti Recipe. I've already blanched my almonds today and want to make this recipe tomorrow. However, I am confused about the measurements

250g/9oz sweet almonds
1) Is this a volume or weight measurement?
For instance, is it 1 cup + 1 oz. or should
I weigh out 9 oz. of almonds before I grind
it into almond meal?
2) Is this almond meal or whole almonds
2 drops of almond essence
Is this a 1/2 teaspoon or teaspoon?
I'm sure I'm making this more difficult than it really is but I don't want to mess this up.

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