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Welcome to my town house to rent Sardinia in the heart of Ogliastra in the mountain village of Jerzu, the “Città del Vino”.

I believe you will find my description of the house somewhat a little different to the usual, and by the time you finishing reading you may ask yourself, does this woman really want to rent her Sardinia Property out to holiday makers?

The answer to that is Yes with a capital “Y” but most of all I want my guests to be fully aware of what they will find as I do not want them to discover any unpleasant surprises!

I have described my house in detail leaving no stone unturned, this way my guests will find it hard to write any unpleasant reviews, as I don’t believe that they could write anything worst than I already have! lol

Of course I would like to get one thing straight, the house is clean, well kept and comfortable, a perfect place to use as a base without any luxuries, which of course come with a price!

What you will see is what you really will get and if you don’t like it, then the answer is quite simple, choose another property and I can help you there too!!!

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I wrote my first description of the house about a year ago and you can find it on my Facebook Page.

“Ooo! While you’re there, a click on the like button would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance!”

Ooo sorry...  side tracked... where was I? O yes the tour of my house!!!

A few things have been changed since last year, to make my house more comfortable and practical for my guests and myself, as I use this house as my holiday home too!

Well I hope you enjoy the reading and appreciate my honesty, if by the end you are convinced that my house is ideal for your holidays then don’t hesitate in getting touch, I am happy to answer any questions without any obligations.

The house is situated in the middle of the town in the neighbourhood called “Trippusu”.

The house belonged to my grandparents, passed down to my father and then passed on to me, where I spent 18 years of my life.

As this is the glimpse of the house you will first see when you arrive all excited for your holidays, thought it would be only right to show you this image first. It’s funny you know, when I was showing this photo of the house to a friend, the first thing he said to me was,

“Tell me you ain’t putting that photo on the website?”

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I?”

“Cause I doubt you will get much trade with that photo”

Well here it is...

House to Rent Sardinia

House to Rent Sardinia

house to rent in jerzu sardinia italy

First impression? Not good eh!

Well I can’t fault you there!

As you can see not much work has beeen done on the outside of the house just lately... who am I trying to kid with “just lately” last time some serious work was done to the front of the house was about 25 years ago when I first moved to Sardinia.

In serious need of a facelift and I would love to sort it out, but you know how it is! So I am afraid that will have to wait!

House to Rent Sardinia

Welcome Inside...

What you see when you walk in – straight in front of you is the first ramp of steps, there are 2 ramps to each floor with a small landing between each ramp.

House to Rent Sardinia

The staircase is situated in the center of the house with two rooms on each floor either side of the staircase.

House to Rent Sardinia

The Bathroom...

The door you see on the left of the photo above, takes you to the bathroom, which is separate in to 2 parts.

The main bathroom and then a smaller room; where the box shower is situated.

This photo was taken last year and the small table has been replaced with a washing basket

cheap house to rent in sardinia

That window actually faces the street, so do be careful that the shutter is closed when you are having a shower, as when it is open nothing is left to the imagination, and if anyone is passing by they will get a full view! Whoo Hooo!

I couldn’t even get a full view on the photo I’m afraid! But I hope you get the idea of it!

Here is the main bathroom, when I lived here this is all I had, and maybe I could have a good guess at what your thinking as I thought it every time I went in to the bathroom!

House to Rent Sardinia

bathroom in a cheap rental accomodation in sardinia

“Look at those horrendous tiles!”

You are so right!

These tiles have been there since my grandma had the bathroom first put in, many many moons ago!

Obviously was the fashion in those days!

My excuse for you is that, you will get a real authentic feel of what the Sardinian Style was!

Main thins is it has all the necessary sanitary fittings including a bath! And if I am honest with you I much prefer having a shower in the bath than in the shower box.

But let me warn you, if you are thinking about a nice relaxing bath while on your hols, forget it!  I’m afraid this one is just not perfect for that, as it only 1m long as it is a sitting bath.

Unless of course, you like the idea of having a bath with your legs hanging out!

Look on the bright side it will be different and an experience! And yes I have done it just in case you are wondering.

The door to the right of you as you walk in is the garage and this is locked.

On the first floor, you will find the door to your left locked as this is where I have put away all my personal belongings. The room on the right is the second singles bedroom.

The Second Singles Bedroom...

The bedroom is kitted out as you can see on the photo, with a bunk-bed.

I also do provide you with a small hand towel and shower towel and also a change, as you can see on the image below they are ready on the beds.

House to Rent Sardinia

singles bedroom in a house to rent in sardinia italy

Right at the back of this room there is a wall wardrobe, in reality, when my grandma lived here, that was her kitchen cupboard, as she had her kitchen here!

When you look inside it you will see that is a artisan made, with painted planks of wood as shelves, one of the was recuperated from an old piece of furniture as it has the old style Sardinian carvings on the underside.

The doors are still the original ones, my Gran had way back when; I just striped the paint off them and stained them wood colour.

House to Rent Sardiniafull view of singles bedroom woth bunk beds in house to rent in sardinia italy

When we lived in this house, this room was actually my daughters bedroom and she was in love with the adorable “Winnie the Pooh”, and she got me to stick stickers all over the cupboard doors!

Not to everyone’s taste I realise that, but if I tried to take them off I would probably have had a disaster on my hands, and while I was over this year, I simply didn’t have enough time to re-stain the doors, so I’m afraid you are stuck with Winnie.

The pro side to this is you may have young children who would adore the cuddly bear, if not, try not to look at the wardrobe too much!

The bunk beds in both of the singles room never had the steps, so I had to improvise and the best I could do was step ladders, which I hope you find comfortable to use.

House to Rent Sardinia

view from otherside of bedroom in a cheap house to rent in sardinia

This bedroom also has two chairs, a bedside table, a large puffee and a TV stand, although there is no TV in room, thought it might come in hand to put whatever you need on it.

Behind the door you will find a wall hanger with coat hangers in case you need to hang any clothes up as the bedroom hasn’t got a wardrobe.

On the actual landing facing you as you walk up, there is a small toilet room which has a sliding door. Think you will find this very handy in the night, saves you tracking all the way down to the main bathroom.

House to Rent Sardinia

toilet room in a house to rent in ogliastra

Yes I know you are on holiday and ironing is more than likely not on your to do list but I thought I would leave you one and an ironing board just in case and you will find them in this toilet room.

The Master Bedroom...

The Master Bedroom is on the left as you walk up and resembles nothing like when I lived there.

House to Rent Sardinia

A few years ago this room had a complete face lift; the walls were painted with vibrant colours as seen as in the photo, athough I will be honesty, I used the orange for the specific reason, to hide a damp stain on the wall. Thankfully the damp is not there anymore but with white paint, it wouldn’t haven’t looked good.

The bedroom is furnished with old English furniture, not all perfectly matching as one major factor comes in to it and that’s money!!! Would cost a fortune... so the best match policy is what I came up with.

master bedroom in a cheap rental house in jerzu sardinia

The bed is a traditional English double sized bed; personally, I love to see a bed with both head and footboards, hope you do too.

House to Rent Sardinia

house to rent in sardinia italy the master bedroom

The bedroom as a wardrobe, chest of draws, dressing table, two bedside tables, two chairs and an authentic English Cheval mirror.

Hanging over the bed is a portrait of the Madonna holding baby Jesus; this was one of my wedding presents as it is a tradition to give newlyweds a portrait of the Madonna to hang over the bed as a way of protecting the new couple.

Well you could be asking why I have left it there.

I got 2! So I thought I would leave one to protect my guests.

House to Rent Sardinia

cheap house rental in sardinia jerzu the bedroom

The bedroom has a balcony window with a fly screen, and there is a small balcony.

Not that I ever spent any time out on that balcony as it faces the house right in front of ours, so the view is not that appealing. Today I have put up outside side curtains to make the room more private while still being able to leave the shutters open wide on the hot summer nights.

House to Rent Sardinia

the master bedroom in a cheap house rental in sardinia italy

As this is an old house built in stone, the walls are quite wide in some points 80 – 90 cm, which keeps the heat out in the summer. The room doesn’t have air conditioning, but in reality we never felt that we needed it, as during the day no direct sunlight beats down on the outside wall of the bedrooms.

In the height of summer I always kept, the shutters and windows closed tight, to block out any heat from the outside and then opened them up in the late evening, works quite well, and it’s a lot cheaper that air con and of course a lot healthy.

The second singles Bedroom with bunk beds...

When my gran lived here, this use to be her bedroom and apart from the bed it is the same furniture she had.

That makes these furnishings pretty old and yes, you guessed the doors are slightly dodgy! Just another touch of authenticity for you, in 18 years never got round to sorting them out, and they are still the same.

The bedroom then passed on to my son hence the colour, for a boy! And the Harry Potter fanatic was and still is me!!

House to Rent Sardinia

singles bedroom with bunk beds cheap house rental sardinia

This bedroom also has a balcony window. Years ago like the Master Bedroom it had a full-length fly screen, well unfortunately it broke and was never replaced.

Instead, we got one of those portable extendible fly screens (a lot cheaper) that only covers half of the window as you can see in the photo! Again, it serves its purpose, of keeping the bugs at bay and it also has an outside curtain for privacy.

House to Rent Sardinia

singles bedroom with bunk beds cheap accomodation in sardinia

The sun light does actually reach this room at some point of the morning, so my suggestion is, first thing in the morning to close the window, as the room will stay a lot cooler during the height of summer.

At the end of the last ramp of steps that lead to the third floor where the kitchen and living are situated, there is a door and window.

House to Rent Sardinia

We had these put in for both the winter and summer periods, as to close off the draft that came from the staircase.

It’s only a small landing with the balcony doors straight in front as you can see in the photo.

To the left is the entrance to the living room and to the right the entrance to the kitchen.

As the house faces East in the summer the sun beats down all morning until around 12.30 warming these 2 rooms up quite a bit!

There is no air conditioning; The best thing to do if you come and stay is; first thing in the morning, close all the shutters and windows, this will make a big difference, then open them when the sun has moved over and to the back of the house.

The balcony doors does have a fly screen, but it is one of those pull down ones, big mistake, would never put one of those in again, you live and learn, for the simple reason they are so delicate.

House to Rent Sardinia

entrance from balcong in a cheap sardinia vacation rental

Both the entrances to the living room and the kitchen do not have doors but simple archways, to save space.

The Living room…

This room has had a number of changes since I first published the photos on Facebook, mainly taking out unnecessary furniture to make room for a table that can seat six people comfortably.

Excuse all the cloths lying about, forgot to take a photo when the room was actually finished

living room in a cheap sardinia vacation rental

The cast iron wood fire is no longer there as I replaced with a smaller pellet fire, so much more practical for any winter visits.

House to Rent Sardinia

The colour scheme is a bit strong, I will admit not my choice but hopefully you will be out and about all day, and not have to put up with it too much.

Now for the Kitchen…

Here too I did a little bit of rearranging to make more space as the kitchen is small, I simply took out one of the cupboards leaving only two instead of three which made space for a chair next to the table.

The kitchen has a fridge freezer, microwave which can also be used as a grill and a gas hob.

House to Rent Sardinia

Err please don’t shout at me but at the moment the oven is not working, hopefully you have no intentions of baking while on your hols, plus I wouldn’t recommend it as in the summer seasons the oven would warm the kitchen up even more!

House to Rent Sardinia

self catering in sardinia italy kitchen

I so wanted a dishwasher but it was impossible in this kitchen, So, I’m afraid it’s marigolds on your holidays too!

A small consolation, the cupboard above the sink has a draining rack, at least you won’t have to dry and put them away!

House to Rent Sardinia

kitchen incheap self catering accomodation in sardinia italy

This year I finally managed to fit new fly screens both in the kitchen and the living room, which just makes it a lot easier to open and close the shutters.

The Balcony...

The balcony runs the whole length of the house; it’s not that wide but comfortable for chairs to sit outside in the cooler evening air.

Below is the view of the spectacular sunrise, the photo doesn't give justice to the real beauty of what you see while sitting on the balcony.

House to Rent Sardinia

view from balcony of a self catering accomodation in sardinia italy

When I first moved here, the house that was in front of me had a much lower roof, was just perfect as I could sit down and still see the sea on the horizon in from of me.

House to Rent Sardinia

cheap sardinia holiday accomodation view from the balcony

A few years later, my neighbours had the brilliant idea of renovating the building and up shot their roof, closing off my view, How Rude!

House to Rent Sardinia

view from the balcony in a holiday home rental in sardinia

I have the washing machine on the balcony which is quite handy, as the washing line hangs over the balcony railing.

House to Rent Sardinia

cheap holiday in sardinia rental showing the balcony

On the side of the washing machine are some rigid plastic sheets that I use to protect the washer when it rains, and all I ask if you are in the house and it does start to rain, (hopefully it won’t while your on your hols), is to cover it up for me, and I thank you in advance for that.

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