Sardinia Italy Tours

A Collection of Best Sardinia Tours

Sardinia Italy tours area splendid way of exploring this Mediterranean Island.

Knowing what kind and where these Sardinia tours are organized is a superb advantage for planning your holidays in advance.

Whether you are on seven day or fourteen day holidays, they always fly by so quickly.  Before you know where you are , it’s Monday morning and you’re back in the office kicking yourself because you found out about interesting places to visit and great things to do after and not before.

Experience Sardinia.Com has collected together all the best Italy tours available on this Island so you don’t miss out on the things that interest you most.

Types of Tours in Sardinia

On the land


Short trips of a couple of hours, whole days and even multiday trips including camping.


Sardinia Italy bike tours including itineraries and maps courtesy of passionate bike riders.

Mountain Bikes

Lots of information on paths and trails in the splendid hills and mountains of Sardinia


There are so many mountains paths to choose from that I’m afraid that one visit to Sardinia is not enough...unless it’s a long visit!

Show Caves

It’s amazing how nature can create such a collection of masterpieces in thousands of years, yet how quickly man can also destroy it, like the showcaves of Gairo Taquisara.

Quad Excursions

Quad bikes are great fun and you’ll find plenty of organized trips all over Sardinia

Archaeology Sites

Sardinia’s ancient territory is rich with ruins from Nuragic villages to giants tombs.

In The Sea

Kayak travel

Organized trips from 4 hours to multiday trips along Sardinia’s coast.

Boat  Trips

If Kayaking doesn’t float your boat...Sorry couldn’t resist that one! But you want to experience the Sardinia’s coasts , then relax on the numerous boat trips available.

Yacht Charters

Looking for something more luxurious? Then Sardinia yacht charters are your best bet.


If the undersea world fascinates you, there are diving and immersion excursion available.

Many of the websites that I have chosen do have an English version installed but I have also included websites that don’t, so please use the Google translator.

I hope the information on Sardinia Italy tours provided by Experience Sardinia .Com helps you plan your Sardinia holidays exactly the way you want them to be.

Please pay it forward and share your travel stories with us.

Whether you have taken up on our tour tips or whether you have found an organized Sardinia tour that we haven’t covered, we’d love to hear about it as I am sure other passionate readers about Sardinia will be too!

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