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Creating Your Own Website
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Make your own website help and guide with the best and most complete online web hosting and so much more company...

Can you build your own website... O  yes you can!

It is do-able for Anyone...

Take a look at the fist important steps of creating your way to success.

If you’re here you probably a driving desire to have your own website and more to the point a successful website that is found by thousand of internet surfers seeking for the knowledge you have to share.  

And the cherry on the cake would be to earn some money along the way.

That may sound to you like a dream that is out of your reach...

But why would you think like that?

Probably for the same reasons I did in 2010

A desire to build my own website but how...


I didn’t know much about computers... and I’m still learning!

I hadn’t got a clue about building webpage’s

The idea of setting up a blog.. woe ! steady on now ..way over my head!

And in all honesty I still don’t know, but I have my own Sardinia blog

What about a newsletter... setting it up, preparing the monthly issues and sending it out to all your subscribers, auto responders, submitting to directories, contribution pages...


And many other things besides that go with building a successful website buisness.

But guess what... even though I hadn’t got a clue about all the things mentioned above, here I am telling my story.

Unsure if you can really do it on your own...
Rubbish you can!!

I appreciate the fact that it’s hard to believe and sometimes can’t believe it myself, but this is my website and I built it.

So, what’ are the ingredients to my  secret?

  • I have a passion about Sardinia
  • A strong desire to learn
  • Not afraid of hard work
  • A goal to be successful

But the secret ingredient that has helped me along the way  is SBI which stands for Site Build it.

SBI is so difficult to explain because
there are so many wonderful things about it to explain

Now before you go off scrolling down the page to find out my this is going to cost you, I’ll tell you straight away.

There are in fact three prices to pay...

  1. You have to have a real passion about a subject that you could sit and write about for hours, something that will never bore you, a passion that will show and shine

  2. Be prepared to work at it, it won’t all happen overnight (show me which business does!) it takes time and effort just like any traditional offline business.

  3. Time to put your hands in your pocket... a monthly fee of $29.99, Yes you’ve read right only $29.99. which I can honestly say is real peanuts for all that comes with building your own website business with the help of SBI. Only when you decide to build your own website using SBI’S method and all the great tools they have will you really be able to agree with me.

If this is the first time you are reading about SBI and all that goes with this incredible company, you’re probably not going to jump down to the order button in a flash, which I can well appreciate...

Because I didn’t!

I took my time before I went ahead and hit that order button and when I did, ask me if I was convinced... from the heart!

Was I heck!

Even though I knew there was a full 60 day money back guarantee, it didn’t stop me from shaking like a leaf.  Now you probably think I’m being mellow dramatic but it is the honest truth whether you believe or not.

So now you can take my word for it and get to work by placing your order or you can do as I did...

  • Watch the presentation video
  • Read the free e-books
  • Ask the questions
  • Compare SBI with other companies
  • Find the proof

And then go to the order form.

SBI! Case Studies

Still with me? Great!

First things first...

Go make yourself and nice cup of steaming hot tea , ear phones at the ready and hit the play button on the video presentation.

It takes about 30 minutes (very well spent!) and it demonstrates how SBI is the only missing piece of the jigsaw to help you complete your goals... the rest of course is you!

You’ve watch the video,  now you can understand what I mean when I say that is do-able also for you.

If the presentation video has convinced you go ahead and place your order, or do some more investigation by downloading these free e-books , there are no obligations by downloading these books and they are full of valuable information.

I have selected a few here to start you off but there are many more for you to read all free of charge.

I have read all these e-books below and a couple twice as there is so much juicy information to digest.

Learn to Write For the Web Readers

Make Your Content PREsell
E-Bay How to Make it Work For You

Net Auction Masters Course
Turn Your Passion into

Make Your Knowledge Sell
Tips and Trick's to e-Business

Make Your Site Sell

By now , you probably have loads of questions, I know I did, so to clear your mind of any doubts use the question form. A friendly SBI operator will answer all the questions you ask and remember there are no obligations.

Don't be Afraid to ask

SBI! Questions
Trying is Believing the
Power of SBI

SBI! Order Page
A Risk Free
at the Value

Special SiteSell Promotion
Join the Link Exchange

Valuable Link Exchange

Do some investigations of your own, look for similar hosting companies and see if they offer you all the services that  you will get with SBI. I am of course confident that you will not find another company that offers the most complete all in one services available at such a low price.

Last but not least, read the case studies of how other everyday people like you and me have used the SBI method and tools and have turned their lifestyle completely around. I know and appreciate the fact that many people don’t believe in testimonials, but you can of course go looking for these successful websites yourself on Google as they don’t lie.

I am no expert and to be truthful I don’t really need to be, all I have done is what I have stated above, watched the video guide, read the e-books, and wrote about my passion for this Island.

But here I have to make a special point about the private SBI’ers forums, this place is just amazing and I and tell you it is more addicting than Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all put together.

Join in the Fun at Facebook

SiteSell Facebook
Follow the SBI Tweets

SiteSell Twitter
Subscribe For the Lastest Video Updates
SiteSell YouTube

I am 100%  pretty sure you are not going to find anywhere else crowded with a group of wonderful genuine people willing to help each other and sharing successful ideas as this place.

If you ever join us you will most definitely find me there!

If you’re serious about your goals online, before you shrug off what I have shared with you please do your investigations, you will not be disappointed.

Whether or not you decide that SBI can help you make your own website and put you in the right direction to make it become an online work from home business, I wish you all the best.

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