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Why Experience Sardinia.com?

Simply because... I have experienced Sardinia!

And would like to share that authentic experience with you!

Sardinia was the only destination for our family holidays (not that I would have wanted it any other way). My parents both originate from Sardinia and emmigrated to England in the early sixties.

My Very First Visit to Sardinia
I am the Baby!!

on the sardinia beach mum and me 1967

I was born and bred in England; In 1990 Sardinia became my new home, where I started my new life with my husband Luigi. My family has grown since; with my daughter Ginevra and my son Luca.

My Family

my family photo in sardinia

The combination of my joy of baking and the passion for creating; lead to the opening of my own cake shop in 1992.

Tourism in Province of Ogliastra
Reviews on Tripadvisor

Province of Ogliastra Photos

And I am still running it.

The reason I decided I wanted to do a website about Sardinia with a special spot for the Province of Ogliastra where I live.

An area of the island that is so beautiful and has absolutely nothing to envy any other part of the world for the sea,  the summer, the climate, the landscapes, the traditions and culture.

If anyone wanted to come to Sardinia to see the real Sardinia then this area is where they would find it.

Bay and Beach, Cala Goloritze, Cala Gonone, Island of Sardinia, Italy
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Bay and Beach, Cala Goloritze, Cala Gonone, Island of Sardinia, Italy

More Beautiful Beaches in This Area

Yet I can not truly understand why Ogliastra has the least visits by tourists that aren’t Italian.

What is my dream for my website?

My soul goal from day one has always been to put Ogliastra and Sardinia on the map!!

Tourism in Province of Ogliastra
Reviews on Tripadvisor

Province of Ogliastra Photos

I want everyone to know about this place, I want people to able to experience the warm hospitality that Sardinian’s give their guests and especially when they stay in rented accommodations because I know how the Sardinia’s treat them.

It’s the small gestures that I see that I believe make an enormous difference, I see it all the time people when people come into my shop and they buy a small tray of cakes and tell me that they are for the guests that are leaving tomorrow, just something small maybe to add to the bottle of wine.

It’s obvious it not what they are giving but the gesture.

Another thing and I talking more about people staying in rented accommodation in this area as I can’t speak for other areas (but knowing the Sardinian’s pretty well it wouldn’t surprise me if this is not common to all the Islanders), is how 9 times out of 10 guests are always invited to their table.

The Picnic Meal is Almost Ready!!

suclking pig roasting on the open fire

What do I mean by this?

Sardinian’s are very proud of their traditions and every chance they get they want to share it.

One of their favorite ways is by inviting guests to their table to share their famous suckling pig cooked on the spit roast, the Cannonau wine which often is homemade and cookies but not just any cookie a traditional cookie whether bought or home made.

And what makes me laugh at times is,  when you sit at a table with Sardinian they are forever asking you “do you like it?”

I even find myself doing this, even down to what many would consider silly and insignificant to eating fruit straight from the tree.

But then again you just can’t beat eating a peach while you’re still standing under the tree the taste if just...

a butterfly posing on a ripe peach sardinia italy

Sardinia’s don’t eat to live they live to eat, something my husband always says is “ I’m not going to eat just to fill my belly” maybe when I make something thing that doesn’t quite turn out right.

And can even go as far as to say that the I have seen hosts personally take their guests to show them around the hillsides and the mountains, why should they do that?

They are proud of it and want you to see it.

So I don’t think it would surprise you when I say that many people end up being returning guests and it has not been unheard of that this has been the beginning of friendship too.

Over the years I have looked at many websites that try to sell Sardinia using the beaches as their number 1 weapon which I haven’t got anything against but I can tell you that the beaches on the Ogliastra coast are the most beautiful in Sardinia, even more beautiful than those on the famous Emerald coast.

The Coastline of Baunei Ogliastra

the coast of baunei in sardinia italy

If you ask me the only it is famous is cause the top snobs with loads of money go there. (no offence!!)

I’ve got friends in England and it makes me mad that the only time Sardinia gets mentioned on the news is because they are letting the world now who in the Emerald coast, big deal!!

Here’s how I see it… beautiful coasts and seas can be found everywhere in the world and although this is a point in their favor there’s more to it than that...

It’s the people, how you are welcomed how you are treated after all a place could be the most beautiful and expensive in the world if you are not made to feel welcome and at home you’re not going to have warm memories of the place no matter how much you pay out.

My dream is to tell everyone that Sardinia is NOT just the Emerald coast with its top nosh hotels and 5 acre villas with 11 bedrooms…

Sardinia can be a beautiful experience just by sitting at the table with excellent foods,  fine wines and good company in a traditional shepherds hut and simply enjoying walks in the fresh country air with beautiful rural and wild landscapes.

A Traditional Shepherds hut in
the Mountains of Baunei

a traditional shepherds hut in the mountains of sardinia italy

Welcome to the authentic side of Sardinia!

More about me and my website:

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My Sardinia Experience

photo of me in the tacchi of osini near a nuraghi

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photo of me
My Sardinia

photo of me in the baunei ogliastra mountains

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