A One of the Kind
Sardinia Accommodation
Villa Melissa 

The right choice for your authentic
Sardinian Experience

This Sardinia accommodation Villa Melissa, has the perfect ingredients to sending you home feeling;

In an awesome mood, entirely energized, mentally relaxed, physically unwound and amazingly invigorated, ready to attack your busy daily life with a happier frame of mind.

After all, isn’t that what a great holiday is all about!

“You Time!”

Bounce back from daily stress… with this collection of fine Sardinian qualities that have inevitable, wonderful knock-on effects that turn an ordinary holiday into a fantastic experience that leaves you with affectionate memories of our culture and traditions, where reminiscing will be a pure pleasure.

Your Ideal Holiday Scenario?

Marvellous! I am so excited to be able to show you around this little gem as it has been hidden away for too long.

Your Perfect Host

Anna Paola
Your Host at
Sardinia Accommodation
Villa Melissa

sardinia accommodation villa melissa host

Allow me first to introduce you to your host. After all, a place could be the most exclusive, the most beautiful, the most expensive - but the one ingredient that will make it the most memorable, is how you were made to feel welcome, almost like a part of the family.

Signora Anna Paola is a person that takes to heart your stay as a guest in her apartments - but you will easily come to this conclusion yourself.

From the booking of your stay, where any special requirements (within reason!) are requested, she will do her best to please you; this includes her special touches on your day of arrival and then, throughout the duration of your holidays - she is always at hand.

An Undiscovered Location

The Location is Ogliastra on the east coast, often considered as the forgotten Province, where time moves along so slowly that falling into its pace is just blissful. The overall ambiance is extraordinarily unspoiled, vast areas of open space made up of colourful valleys and countryside’s, rolling hillsides with the occasional little village dotting the peaceful, undulating mountains, the perfect scenery that will regenerate your batteries even if they were flat.

The Villa is situated near the countryside known as Pelau, riddled with country lanes – just perfect for peaceful walks and gentle bike rides. With my free guide, you’ll be able to plan and explore all the routes that take you on a close encounter with the Sardinian way of life.

Oh and let us not forget about the nearby beaches! Although you have a private swimming pool at the villa, it would be a sin to come all this way and not luxuriate in what most natives consider as the best beaches on the Island.

Museddu Beach Near
Sardinia Accommodation Villa Melissa

Yes! You will be at most 10 minutes away from the nearest beach, and many more! Because I love this place so much I wanted to give you a more detailed look at what you will have, practically on your doorstep, staying here.

So that you don’t have to leave anything to chance, I reveal all about my favourite beach to you, so you too can make the most of we locals do and adore.

When you  visit this place try imagining that beach lined up with colourful, homemade tents! (find out more about what I mean by this.)

Villa Melissa
A Most Delightful Setting

Sardinia Accommodation Villa Melissa

sardinia accommodation villa melissa in cardedu ogliastra

When the bricks and mortars of a dwelling are crafted together beautifully in an superb architectural style using natural resources that recall all the traditions of our Island, such as in the case of Villa Melissa, it  not only is a pleasure to see but also emanates the sensation of living your true Sardinian experience.

Now place this dwelling in the center of a picturesque setting made up of various natural shades of green, ornate with the diverse vibrant colours and sweet perfumes of the typical flora that create this oasis of well being and serenity.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Request More Info
Sardinia Accommodation
Villa Melissa

susanna lobina

After all you don’t know me, what I represent and what my real intentions are. Who’s to say that I am not here just to con you!

I believe that Ogliastra is a beautiful place with magnificent possibilities of authentic and heart-warming holiday experiences.

Like every place on earth, you will have the good and the bad and here, it is no different.

But what can I ever gain by showing you the best way to throw your hard earned money on a place that is just a recipe for disaster?


No, the answer to that is more than nothing; I lose my reputation, my credibility which counts more to me than anything else not to mention all the knock on effects of the bad publicity you would so rightly push in my direction.

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Knowing Sardinia well, I can tell you that there are many places around the Island that may offer the same experience as Villa Melissa, but what makes this whole package so special to me that I want to make sure potential  guests to our Island have the opportunity to experience it?

Money ?

I won’t deny the fact I make a small amount when you book, but then again, no matter where you book your holidays online someone is going to be making money from your booking.

But money for me is not enough!

I want more than that!

I want you to genuinely experience the qualities of Sardinia’s tranquil laid back life style filled with warm Hospitality that naturally communicates our traditions and culture. Enjoy the unspoilt ambiances of the countryside and mountains that release regenerating emotions. Indulge in our exquisite cuisine and delicious cookies and of course the excellent Cannonau wines that stimulate unique sensations and make the most of our spectacular shores and sunshine that brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Nothing would give me more pleasure that you coming back to me and saying...

“Susanna you were 100% right! It was my ideal holiday and I enjoyed every minute of it”

To me this is worth its weight in Gold!

It is a known fact that trying to please everyone is just impossible, and I am not even going to try!

What I can say though is that if you have been looking to stumble on one of those special places that 9 times out of 10 happen just by chance, then you have tripped on it, as Villa Melissa is exactly that  a special place not to be missed.

Take the tour of the unique experience offered at the Villa Melissa
then decide when the best time to come for you is - before too many people come to realise that this place is for real!

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Sardinia Accommodation Villa Melissa

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