A Cheap Self Catering
Holiday in Sardinia

A cheap self catering holiday in Sardinia for an authentic experience of living how the Sardinian live.

An old style house situated right bang in the middle of the town of Jerzu Ogliastra, on a narrow street very typical of the mountain villages.

Interested? O goodie ... let’s get stuck in then!

Here is a brief summary of all that is related to my home and the surroundings.

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The house is situated in the middle of an old neighbourhood of the village, called “Trippus”, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, the actual street years ago was once the main road through the village.

This street has now become a one way system and the downfall is that the one way system actually finishes where my house resides.

In the image below you can see the “No Entry “ sign, you can’t actually see the my house in the image but the front door is right in  front of the first car, on the left so you can see just how narrow this street is. Up until that point the road is two way as there is an entrance to another street on the right.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

outside my house to rent in sardinia

What does this actually mean?

Well if you are coming from the Church, the very short road from the church to my house is only a few hundred meters. 

Entrance to Via Vittorio Emanuele from the Chruch

entrance to street that takes to my house to rent in sardinia

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

But there are nearly always loads of cars parked along there and it has happened to me and many others that you try to drive towards my house and other cars are coming towards you in the opposite direction. Ok sometimes you can find a slot to pull in but in many cases either of the cars has to reverse to let the other pass by.

Via Vittorio Emanuele

street leading to my cheap self catering holiday rental in sardinia italy

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

Sounds complicated and stressing, O Yes! lol,  it certainly can be but that’s part of everyday life in Sardinia, the streets are narrow and you have to get use it.

As you will find out very soon I tend to find a bright side to every situation, so here!!! If your reversing skills are not that great, boy will you get some great practice on these narrow streets, when you master Jerzu you will be able to drive anywhere lol!!!

If this puts you off then just go to the top of the main road in Jerzu and go down the one way system that is indicated with Cagliari that will take straight to my house.

The yellow arrow indicates the main road coming from the bottom of town where you pass the Church on your way.

The Blue arrow indicates the one way system on the bottom half of the town, the one that takes you to straight outside my house.

The red arrow indicates the one way system that goes through the top half of the town and brings you back to main road right in front of the Church again.

Entrances to the "2" One way systems in Jerzu

view of one way system in jerzu

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

Be warned the first time you use the one way systems that it will be an experience on it own as in some points they are narrow, but if I can do it in a Transit Van then I’m sure you will be able to do it in a car.

As far as parking near the house goes, well can’t really say much hear as at times you will find a space right near the house and others you will have to park a bit further along the street.

The red arrow indicates my house, so where you see that car parked on the left you are able to park there, if it is free of course, just be careful to leave the entrances to those garage doors free indicated with the yellow arrow as the owners use it frequently.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

parking outside my cheap self catering rental in sardinia

This next image shows you the closest you will be able to park near my house, obviously just make sure you leave enough for the residents to get by especially where the iron gates are as they use that entrance often. Also note that there is a narrow street on the left where cars do transit.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

vire outside my house to rent in sardinia

But please note that if you have quite a bit of stuff to unload from the car, then just do what all the locals do, park right outside the house and unload, if a car comes along, just put your hand up and say “1 minute please” and they don’t have a problem with that as they are quite use to it and fully understand as they more than likely have the need to do it themselves every now and again.

Note that the one way system does not operate between 14.00pm and 17.00pm, so along that little stretch you will find it a little less busy as most tend to use the main road in these times.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

Who do I believe my house is ideal for?

In the cooler periods like from March through to the beginning of June, although sometimes even in June the Sardinia weather can be really hot (as weather is unpredictable!) and from September to November, the temperatures inside the house are a lot cooler. So staying at the house is more comfortable.

In the height of summer when temperatures reach 32° and above that’s when staying inside in the top floors of the house can be uncomfortable. That’s why I believe my house is ideal for anyone that is looking for a comfortable base to return to after a long day out!

For anyone wanting to come and stay in the winter months then I have a pellet fire in the living room which works perfectly to keep you nice and toasty!!

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

self catering winter holidays in sardinia

The house has all the necessities as a home could need, although I do appreciate that at times during the summer the weather can be extremely hot and my house suffers from the heat, as it is east facing, you have the sunrise right in front of you and although it’s a wonderful spectacular to witness, the sun remains facing the house all morning until around one in the summer season.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

sunrise from my self catering rental

This year while I was there for a couple of weeks I never spent any time in the house in the evening as it was simply too hot inside the living room, I would park myself on the balcony on my gran's little chair and enjoyed the silence of the evening and the cool air. Having said that “silence”... it is almost always broken by someone revving by on their Vespa, makes me chuckle actually as this is so typical.

There is no air conditioning in the house and my advice is that every night before you go to bed is to pull down the shutters in the kitchen and living room and to close the louver doors on the balcony and then close the windows.

This helps loads to keep the morning sun out of the house and stop the rooms warming up too much.

This year I also bought outside curtains that cover both the kitchen and living room windows which help to block the sun even more.

A Cheap Self Catering Holiday in Sardinia

view of the balcony at my self catering rental sardinia

Of course if you are a super early bird, then you could leave all the windows open upstairs over night to let the cooler night air circulate during the night and then close everything up in the morning before the sun starts blazing in.

Like I have mentioned before I lived in this house for 18 years and I can honestly say that in all those years I only had a couple of nights where the temperatures were that high that it was really unbearably uncomfortable to sleep at night.

The bedrooms are situated on the lower floors and the sun never directly beats downs on the outside walls of the house there so normally the lower floors are a lot cooler.

As in the summer it is impossible to sleep the shutters down and the windows closed, this year I put up outside curtains up in front of the bedrooms balcony doors, something I never had while I was living there! The main reason to make the bedrooms more private as the house in front of mine is close and their bedroom is practically on the same level. Not that I have I ever experience anything unpleasant, I just thought it was the just right thing to do end of!

Which also brings me to mention this lol! yes... I am actually laughing while writing this as you will find this an experience on it’s own.

Basically no need to put an alarm clock on, as my neighbour loves getting up early and letting you know about it lol!!!

I’ll not say any more about that but please if you come and stay some time at mine and when you get round to writing a review, if you experience the "Morning Call", then Please! Please! do let me know about lol!!! My 18 year neighbour will probably show me now and not do it... but she is lovely!!!

The house is actually made up of eight rooms, and as I have already mentioned this is my holiday home when I go and visit Sardinia, I have put away my own personal belongings in two rooms of the house which you will find locked.

One is the first door as you enter the house which is a sort of garage and the other is the room on the left as you are going up on the first floor.

Please also note that depending on how many rooms you book, the other bedrooms will also be locked.

Well I think that covers just about everything that there is to know about staying at my town house in Jerzu.

Have I totally put you off staying at my house?


Well like I said and know it is not suited for all and I would rather you know what you are in for before you lay out for your Sardinia Holiday and go and find yourselves something better suited for you!  

Still think you could be interested?

Great... Get cracking use the contact form and fire away with any other questions you may have, also please remember if you wish for me to give you a call at your convenience then pop your phone number in the email and let me know when it is best for me to ring and I will gladly do so.

Hold on a minute... maybe you should take a tour of the house itself first!

Just to be on the safe side..

Enjoy and I hope you appreciate my honesty.

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Please note that for peace of mind all bookings are taken through Tripadvisor.

It is a great platform for finding information and is so easy to use and book,

Ask all the questions you need clarifying through my contact form before making your last decision.

For an official quote please use the request that is on Tripadvisor.

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