Cycling Holiday in
Sardinia Italy

A great Cycling holiday in Sardinia Italy for bike lovers that have a fetish for fine Italian wines too!

A seven day tour cycling through the rugged landscapes of this Italian Island on the discovery of the Cannonau di Sardegna wine.

The Italian wine Cannonau di Sardegna is the main theme here but you will be invited to experience an array of Sardinian cuisine that complement each other.

The bike tour begins in Cagliari the Capital of the Island located in the South, and ends Olbia on the North East coast.

The easiest and most convenient way for you to travel, would be to find flights to the Cagliari Elmas airport and leaving from the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport you can more information about flights here.

If you are looking to catch a ferry to the Island then check out these pages.

A quick summary of places on the itinerary.

Dolianova - Orroli

Chruch of Santa Maria di Sibiola
Serdiana Italy

Church of Santa Maria di Sibiola (Serdiana, CA) italy

The Dolianova winery is the first stop and where you’ll have the first taste of this Sardinian wine.

Then off to two nearby towns for more wine tasting in:

  • Pala Winery in Serdiana
  • Cantina Trexenta in Senorbì.

The day finishes off in Orroli, with a visit to the Nuragic complex “Nuraghe Arrubiu”

Orroli Sardegna Italy

orroli road sign in sardegna italy

Orroli - Jerzu

You’ll find the windy mountain roads a pleasure to cycle through, with beautiful open landscape surroundings, little traffic apart from the odd occasion when you may encounter shepherds with their herds.

View From Monte Corongiu
Jerzu Italy

view of valley in tertenia from monte corongiu italy

Destination is Jerzu is where I live and hopefully will get to meet you, and if I do the least I can do is offer you one of our Sardinian specialties Amaretti cookies.

Of course the highlight of your visit to this town is the Cantina Antichi Poderi, where you’ll be taken on the wine tour of the Cantina visiting the cellars filled with barrels and of course tasting one of the Islands DOC Cannonu wines.

Winery Antici Poderi Jerzu Italy
Testing Grapes Before the Crushing

italy jerzu winery testing grapes

Jerzu - Arbatax

The route you will be taking on this day is quite scenic. Cycling through the small mountain villages of Ulassai and Osini.

The descent in to the valley of Pardu begins here where you pass through the ruins of the old town of Osini.

The Village of Ulassai
Sardegna Italy

view of the mountain village of Ulassai Italy

On the other mountain face of the valley you will be able to see the ruins of old town Gairo and the new town of Gario the dwells slightly further up which you will eventually cycle through.

View of the Ghost Town of Gairo -Italy
From the other side of the valley

old town of Gairo sardegna italy

From here riding through the delightful road that separates the thick woods of holm trees that lead to the village of Lanusei.

The day finishes of in the Arbatax with a visit to the Cantina Ogliastra and a little more wine tasting before retiring for the evening.

Arbatax - Dorgali

From Arbatax you will heading for coastal village of Lotzorai.

You will be cycling along what is known as the old SS125 or the Oriental Road, which has amazing panoramic views.

sign post of mountain village of baunei italy

The climb towards Baunei is the most challenging part of the tour until you reach the Pass of Genna Silana where you’ll be reaching the heights of m 1000 s.l.m.

sign post of the pass of genna silana sardegna italy

Take a breather...

From here on you have a most enjoyable decent through the region of Barbagia, all the way down to Dorgali where you’ll be staying for the night. Another famous Winery awaits you for a few more sips of good old Cannonau wine, before dinner.

Dorgali - Posada

Leaving the Barbagia you will entering an area known as Baronia, through a few more typical Sardinian villages arriving in Posada that faces the beautiful beach of Orvile.

panoramic view surrounding the old ss 125 of ogliastra italy

Posada - Olbia

The last day of cycling holiday in Sardinia Italy takes you on the North East coast of the island to a couple more well known villages and splendid beaches.

sign post of the town of posada in italy sardegna

Where the temptation to go and have a refreshing dip will be tough, weather permitting of course.

view of the sardinia italy beach near posada

You will spend your last night in Olbia where you no doubtedly be fatigued but enriched with an authentic experience of our Island that covers many aspects of our culture, traditions and flavours.

I would like to introduce you to Giovanni Lamieri as I believe that you couldn’t wish for a better person to organised your cycling holiday.

Combining his experience and curriculum as a cyclist with his overwhelming love for this splendid Island will leave you with an memorable vacation.

For more information about this cycling tour and about how you can join the organiser of the wonderful cycling holiday in Sardinia please see Sardinia Cycling's website here.


infographi with the sardinia sunrise in the background
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