Aranzada An Authentic
Italian Cookie

Aranzada is authentic Italian cookie from the Island Of Sardinia.  

Made with Just three simply ingredients orange peel, honey and toasted almonds.

Typically made in the Province of Nuoro, the name Aranzada is the Sardinian word which means Orangade.

Aranzada An Authentic Cookie that is All Italian

aranzada a typical cookies made in sardinia itay with orange peel
Image by cristianocani

Recipe For Aranzada


500 gr. Orange Peel

500 gr. Toasted Slivered Almonds

500 gr. Honey

The secret to making  this delicious authentic cookie is the attention to peeling the oranges.

All the white pith must be removed  full a richer taste of the orange zest.

Preparing the Orange peel for this Authentic Italian Cookie

sliced orange peel

Peeling oranges has always been done by hand, and many still use these tedious method to prepare these cookies.

These days there are utensils like this one shown in the image below that make this task a lot easier, never the less, is a time consuming process that is still done here by hand.

The orange peel wants to be sliced into stripes as thin as possible as this will make the overall cookie sweeter.

The Perfect Tool for making these authentic cookies

Once the orange strips are prepared they need to soak in a bowl of water for two days. Change the water at least once a day and preferably twice.

After the peel has soaked drain off as much as possible.

Place the honey in a heavy saucepan and heat gently without boiling, add the orange peel and leave it to cook for about half an hour.

Finally add the toasted almonds and give it all a good stir.

Place little drops of the mixture into baking cases and serve.

Orange Peel Honey Almonds Aranzada
Authentic Sardinian Cookie

italian cookies aranzada

Image by Francesco

Aranzada dates from the late 1800's and was patented by Battista Guiso.

The maker of these cakes has served many important customers like the Bristish Royal Family

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