Buying Wine Online
Sardinia's Best Cannonau

Buying wine online, not just any wine but Cannonau di Sardegna.

When I first started this venture I was really thrilled about be able to share my dad’s great passion for his favourite wine Cannonau di Sardegna, only to find that it has been a difficult quest for me to find places online to where you are able to buy it.

The Selection of Different Types of Red
Cannonau Wines in The Cantina Sociale di Jerzu

a selection of red cannonau wines

While trying to find places where to buy cannonau wine online, the hardest places were the USA and the UK, don’t ask me why, but don’t doubt customs and excise but have something to do with it.

So it was with great surprise and of course much pleasure that I only recently discovered that the Amazon stores in the USA , UK and Germany offer Sardinian wine online, so those are the places to go look.

Although the selection of Sardinian wines that are available at Amazon stores are limited the choice you are presented with is of excellent quality.

If you already know  the name of the winery of your favourite Cannonau wine, note that the ticks on the respective stores will take you straight to see the selection that is available.



Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Cantina Argiolas

Serdiana (CA)


Sella & Mosca

Alghero (SS)

Tenute Dettori

Sennori (SS)



Attilio Contini

Cabras (OR) 


Cantina Santadi

Santadi (CI)



Serdiana (CA)



Nuraghe Crabioni

Sorso (SS) 



Cantina Mesa

Sant'Anna Aresi (CI)


Cantina Dolianova

Dolianova (CA)



Vigne Surrau

Arzachena (OT)



Santa Maria La Palma

Alghero (SS)



Meloni Vini

Selargius (CA)



Ferruccio Deiana

Settimo S.Pietro (CA)



Cantina Oliena

Oliena (Nu)



Harvesting Cannonau Grapes in Crates
on the Hillsides of Jerzu

sardinia vineyard harvesting the cannonau grape

To find out more about the wine and winery you can click on the links above.

You will note that in some cases that each winery does produce many more varieties than that are available on the Amazon stores.

If you’re interested in buying other varieties of Sardinian wine online, that are available from the producers listed above and more besides then don’t miss this page.

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