A Genuine Almond Brittle Just Like Nonna Used To Make

Gattò is an almond brittle and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. The only trouble is they are very morish so once I start on one piece, that never seems to be enough.

Sardinian’s tend to have this thing about cookies, where they are for everyday consumption they are quite simple, but then when it comes to special occasions they just love to go to town.

Here is a typical creation made entirely out of brittle, used to present at Weddings.

Here is a typical creation made entirely out of brittle
used to present at Weddings.
Image by Baiana76

almond brittle cookie sardinia italy gattò

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Gattò was one of those traditional cookies that my Grandma would always send us whenever she had the chance.

The thing I remember most about these cookies was how they tended to be on the soft side and how the caramelized sugar had started to melt, dripping all over the fresh lemon leaves she had used in the same way as you would use the paper cases.

Traditional Italian Brittle made with Toasted Almonds

sardinian almond brittle cookies served on fresh lemon leaves

These almond cookies were simply delicious but what I remember most was how I really enjoyed licking the melted caramel sugar off the lemons leaves.

You see, when these cookies are made up, they are cut into a small diamond shapes and then they are placed on freshly picked lemon leaves.

The aroma of the lemon leaves is absorbed by the caramel giving a simple nut brittle recipe a whole new flavor.

Now I appreciate the fact not everyone has a lemon tree outside the front door like my grandma but there is another way you can obtain this flavor.

Take a look at the step by step nut brittle recipe to find out.

These days it is difficult to find a Pasticceria’s that makes Gattò and offer them in the traditional Sardinian way,  with fresh lemon leaves,  you will find it usually placed in paper cake cases.

These Days you tend to Find the Almond Brittle served in baking cups

sardinian almond brittle cookies served in paper cases

But you will find that if you order in time many bakers may just satisfy your request.

Although brittle made with almonds is the most popular around the Island, in many areas where other dried fruits are in abundance,  you may find it made with hazelnuts or walnuts.

Each one with its own distinct  flavor and all truly scrumptious.

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